dev-go/net: Update to c:6f5299370f2bb1ac5d41c561fd1e5da511c2a3db to fix CVEs

This change cherry picks commit 356d6a762f8d16d8a74185739031be71cc4e6be8
from R97 branch which has a version of dev-go/net containing CVE fixes.

BUG=b/295140810, b/295140378, b/295140379, b/295140825, b/295137301, b/295140641
RELEASE_NOTE=Fixed CVE-2018-17846, CVE-2018-17142, CVE-2018-17847, CVE-2018-17143, CVE-2018-17075, CVE-2018-17848 in dev-go/net.

cos-patch: security-moderate
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