Revert "deqp: Remove the old caselist location"

This reverts commit 671b258cb23f73ec0875585dd54979b9757b4772.

Reason for revert: causes failures due to stale control files in lab.


Original change's description:
> deqp: Remove the old caselist location
> Now that graphics_dEQP no longer looks at the old path, we can stop
> installing a copy of the caselists there.
> BUG=b:190650685
> TEST=test_that -b trogdor graphics_dEQP.gles2-master
> Cq-Depend: chromium:2953048
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Bug: b:190650685
Change-Id: I376a881047e468a9a46f926d8b341a5c9a67bfd4
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