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Since rsyslog version 7.6 we are shipping a new default Gentoo
configuration. See bug #501982 to learn more about what we were trying to
achieve by rewriting the entire configuration.
Important changes
1. "/var/log/syslog" log file is now deprecated
Beginning with rsyslog-7.6, the "/var/log/syslog" log file will no
longer being written per default. We are considering this file as
deprecated/obsolet for the typical user/system.
The content from this log file is still availble through other
(dedicated) log files, see
- /var/log/cron.log
- /var/log/daemon.log
- /var/log/mail.log
- /var/log/messages
If you really need the old "/var/log/syslog" log file, all you have to
do is uncommenting the corresponding configuration directive in
If you do so, don't forget to re-enable log rotation in
"/etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog", too.
2. An additional input socket in "/var/empty/dev/log" (default chroot
location) will be created per default
See bug #490744 for further details.