virglrenderer: Manual uprev to bd4dd6a62280de83eb7cfcfde356c7b5fad5dc2c

This brings in these changes:

59c145a0 Revert "gallium: add util_hash_table_u64"
8c6198b4 Revert "gallium: optimize util_hash_table_u64 for 64-bit builds"
a68284a3 vkr: use the newer hash_table to manage objects
5683f40c vkr: stop using util_hash_table_create_u64
d001f6d2 vkr: add vkr_context_get_object
0e2eb9ca vkr: use the newer hash_table to manage resources
8249c00b vkr: add vkr_context_{add,remove,get}_resource
c8b5b487 vrend: remove unused parameters

as well as updating the global fence patch.


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