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llvm is over 150MB which takes a long time to download but it's not needed
for our building the TFLite. So we remove it to speed up the build.
diff --git a/tensorflow/workspace2.bzl b/tensorflow/workspace2.bzl
index 60deadb1..dc9e0482 100644
--- a/tensorflow/workspace2.bzl
+++ b/tensorflow/workspace2.bzl
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ load("@tf_toolchains//toolchains/embedded/arm-linux:arm_linux_toolchain_configur
load("//third_party:repo.bzl", "tf_http_archive", "tf_mirror_urls")
load("//third_party/clang_toolchain:cc_configure_clang.bzl", "cc_download_clang_toolchain")
load("//tensorflow/tools/def_file_filter:def_file_filter_configure.bzl", "def_file_filter_configure")
-load("//third_party/llvm:setup.bzl", "llvm_setup")
+#load("//third_party/llvm:setup.bzl", "llvm_setup")
# Import third party repository rules. See go/tfbr-thirdparty.
load("//third_party/FP16:workspace.bzl", FP16 = "repo")
@@ -523,7 +523,7 @@ def _tf_repositories():
urls = tf_mirror_urls(""),
- llvm_setup(name = "llvm-project")
+ # llvm_setup(name = "llvm-project")
# Intel openMP that is part of LLVM sources.
diff --git a/tensorflow/workspace3.bzl b/tensorflow/workspace3.bzl
index 09b2d030..3a8e0b7c 100644
--- a/tensorflow/workspace3.bzl
+++ b/tensorflow/workspace3.bzl
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ def workspace():
# Load the raw llvm-project. llvm does not have build rules set up by default,
# but provides a script for setting up build rules via overlays.
- llvm("llvm-raw")
+ # llvm("llvm-raw")
# Alias so it can be loaded without assigning to a different symbol to prevent
# shadowing previous loads and trigger a buildifier warning.