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For the moment, we'd like to live without the mutable_noalias feature. This
sounds like a great benefit, but upstream is still working on some fine details
of it.
There're a few bugs about this upstream; is recent and relevant.
Use `false &&` since it should optimize to the same thing, and it keeps the diff
more self-contained (llvm_util is unused otherwise)
--- a/compiler/rustc_codegen_llvm/src/
+++ b/compiler/rustc_codegen_llvm/src/
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ fn should_use_mutable_noalias(cx: &CodegenCx<'_, '_>) -> bool {
// LLVM prior to version 12 had known miscompiles in the presence of
// noalias attributes (see #54878), but we don't support earlier
// versions at all anymore. We now enable mutable noalias by default.
- cx.tcx.sess.opts.debugging_opts.mutable_noalias.unwrap_or(true)
+ false && cx.tcx.sess.opts.debugging_opts.mutable_noalias.unwrap_or(true)
impl ArgAttributesExt for ArgAttributes {