LAKITU: Mask sys-libs/ncurses version in SDK.

This CL is masking the sys-libs/ncurses version that should be used
in SDK. In current COS system, SDK tarball is downloaded and binpkg
from that is used when setting up sdk.When we try to upgrade
ncurses from v5.9 to v6.2, setting up of chroot failed. This happened
because pypy3 binpkg has a dependency on ncurses and as rebuilding of
the pypy3 package is not done, it tries to pull ncurses-5.9 into Slot-0.
At the same time, the ncurses upgrade will also try to install into the
same slot and it causes conflict.

pypy3 was tried for recompilation. However, toolchain libs has
a dependency on pypy3-7.3.1 and the build process fall into the same
situation as explained above. We can't cause the toolchain to rebuild as
it will increase the buildtime by 2~3 hours.

As a way, we are trying to mask ncurses version that should be used in
SDK. This will chroot will have ncurses-5.9 and boards like lakitu will
have ncurses-6.2.


Change-Id: I4776b181a08d92b2efc7d6ff7946dee493d42f3b
Reviewed-by: Robert Kolchmeyer <>
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diff --git a/profiles/targets/sdk/package.mask b/profiles/targets/sdk/package.mask
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..e80fadb
--- /dev/null
+++ b/profiles/targets/sdk/package.mask
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+# Mask sys-libs/ncurses versions above v5.9
+# This is done because certain binpkg in
+# sdk tarball has a dependency on ncurses-5.9
+# which was installed in Slot-0. Upgrade to
+# ncurses to a newer version creates a conflict
+# in create_sdk step due to multiple ncurses
+# version being tried to install into the same
+# SLOT.