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This is the CROS_WORKON_MANUAL_UPREV ebuild for virglrenderer.

This ebuild compiles source code that is automatically mirrored on ToT/main from upstream into the git repo at src/third_party/virglrenderer

While the source code is set up to sync automatically, this ebuild DOES NOT automatically uprev to the new sources (hence CROS_WORKON_MANUAL_UPREV). This is intentional to prevent running unreviewed code in our images.

To help with regular uprevs a pupr job listens regularly on ToT/main only to new changes in the source repo. Only when such changes are found pupr automatically generates an uprev CL at by setting the ebuild commit hash to the latest upstream commit and incrementing the ebuild revision number suffix.

For all manual changes to the ebuild (especially on branches), it is the CL author‘s responsibility to manually increment the ebuild’s revision number suffix. When adding local patches to cros/main and release branch ebuilds, it MUST be ensured that both the 9999 and versioned ebuilds contain the intended patches. Failure to do so will result in divergence of virglrenderer's behavior between developers using workon 9999 ebuilds and testers/users using the versioned ebuilds in pre-built Chrome OS images.