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libyuv-test package

This package contains a libyuv build for testing purposes; concretely it builds and deploys the libyuv_unittest binary. This binary is exercised from, at least, the video.PlatformLibYUVPerftest.* Tast tests (see

The canonical (public) reference for this package's source can be found at

How to uprev libyuv-test

The ebuild in this folder follows the Chromium version number; this is specified on libyuv's [README.chromium] ( file.

ChromeOS keeps package sources in specific [archive mirrors] (; the uprev target version source has to be uploaded to this mirror by hand by a developer, following [these instructions] (

Said package source has to be downloaded from the libyuv repository by looking up in the [README.chromium file history] ( the commit associated to the target Chromium numbering update. This tar.gz has to be downloaded, renamed to libyuv-${PACKAGE_VERSION} and uploaded to the mirror.

For example the version was updated to 1840 in commit 65e7c9d5706a77d1949da59bfcb0817c252ef8d6; the tar.gz file can be downloaded at

Before uploading a ChromeOS CL, the manifest also needs to be updated, e.g. by running ebuild-$BOARD libyuv-test-${PACAKGE_VERSION}.ebuild manifest.

libyuv package

A sibling libyuv package exists in the same media-libs package category [here] (; this is used for OS-level camera functionality. Although both libyuv-test and libyuv are independent, is a good idea to uprev them at the same time. Refer to that package ``` for instructions.