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Effects Stream Manipulator Tests

This package installs the cros_effects_sm_tests executable into a ChromeOS image.

This package depends on test assets stored in Google3. For changes to this data to be reflected in this package some manual steps need to be followed.

Uprev Instructions

Upload the release

  1. Ensure gsutil is in your path: export PATH=$PATH:~/chromiumos/chromite/scripts.
  2. Change dir to cd /google/src/head/depot/google3/chromeos/test_assets/.
  3. Run the ./ script.
  4. The script will package the latest set of data stored in cros_effects_tests_assets, label it with the next version number and upload it to Google storage.

Uprev the ebuild

  1. Navigate to the cros-camera-effects-sm-tests ebuild location at: src/third_party/chromiumos-overlay/media-libs/cros-camera-effects-sm-tests.
  2. Inside the 9999 ebuild, increment the last number of the SRC_URI field with a value of the form ml-core-cros_effects_test_assets-0.0.2.tar.xz. E.g. In this case it should be updated to ml-core-cros_effects_test_assets-0.0.3.tar.xz.
  3. Update the manifest with ebuild cros-camera-effects-sm-tests-0.0.xx.ebuild manifest
  4. You're done! Create a CL with the commit note below and get it reviewed.
cros-camera-effects-sm-tests: uprev to 0.0.3

Uprev cros-camera-effects-sm-tests test assets

TEST=Tests pass when run locally