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This tool is used to generate eBPF skeleton helpers that are useful for loading, attaching and communicating with eBPF applications.


This package differs from the upstream version in that it depends on the github mirror rather than pulling down kernel source and patching it. Advantage of this is that the mirror has a cleaner versioning scheme and does not have python dependencies for document generation.

Additionally, at time of writing, Gentoo has not made packaging changes to account for bpftool‘s switch to LLVM. We locally added functionality to the ebuild to support this. For details on bpftool’s LLVM switch, see We locally added the feature-llvm=1 make variable to avoid needing to support both libbfd and LLVM in the ebuild.

Fetch and package a new upstream version (using v6.8.0 as an example):

$ TAG=6.8.0 D=$(mktemp -d); umask 022 && \
  git clone -q --depth 1 -b v${TAG} --recurse-submodules ${D}/bpftool-${TAG} && \
  tar --exclude-vcs --sort=name --owner=root:0 --group=root:0 --mtime='UTC 2022-01-01' -f - -cJC ${D} . | tee bpftool-${TAG}.tar.xz | sha512sum; \
  rm -rf ${D}

Then follow the instructions for Updating localmirror.

CL reviewers are strongly encouraged to follow the same instructions to verify provenance using the sha512sum in Manifest.