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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __PERF_DATA_H
#define __PERF_DATA_H
#include <stdbool.h>
enum perf_data_mode {
struct perf_data_file {
char *path;
int fd;
unsigned long size;
struct perf_data {
const char *path;
struct perf_data_file file;
bool is_pipe;
bool is_dir;
bool force;
enum perf_data_mode mode;
struct {
u64 version;
struct perf_data_file *files;
int nr;
} dir;
static inline bool perf_data__is_read(struct perf_data *data)
return data->mode == PERF_DATA_MODE_READ;
static inline bool perf_data__is_write(struct perf_data *data)
return data->mode == PERF_DATA_MODE_WRITE;
static inline int perf_data__is_pipe(struct perf_data *data)
return data->is_pipe;
static inline bool perf_data__is_dir(struct perf_data *data)
return data->is_dir;
static inline int perf_data__fd(struct perf_data *data)
return data->file.fd;
int perf_data__open(struct perf_data *data);
void perf_data__close(struct perf_data *data);
ssize_t perf_data__write(struct perf_data *data,
void *buf, size_t size);
ssize_t perf_data_file__write(struct perf_data_file *file,
void *buf, size_t size);
* If at_exit is set, only rename current to
*<postfix>, continue write on original data.
* Set at_exit when flushing the last output.
* Return value is fd of new output.
int perf_data__switch(struct perf_data *data,
const char *postfix,
size_t pos, bool at_exit, char **new_filepath);
int perf_data__create_dir(struct perf_data *data, int nr);
int perf_data__open_dir(struct perf_data *data);
void perf_data__close_dir(struct perf_data *data);
int perf_data__update_dir(struct perf_data *data);
unsigned long perf_data__size(struct perf_data *data);
#endif /* __PERF_DATA_H */