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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
* Copyright (C) 2017 Oracle. All Rights Reserved.
* Author: Darrick J. Wong <>
#ifndef __XFS_SCRUB_COMMON_H__
#define __XFS_SCRUB_COMMON_H__
* We /could/ terminate a scrub/repair operation early. If we're not
* in a good place to continue (fatal signal, etc.) then bail out.
* Note that we're careful not to make any judgements about *error.
static inline bool
struct xfs_scrub *sc,
int *error)
* If preemption is disabled, we need to yield to the scheduler every
* few seconds so that we don't run afoul of the soft lockup watchdog
* or RCU stall detector.
if (fatal_signal_pending(current)) {
if (*error == 0)
*error = -EAGAIN;
return true;
return false;
int xchk_trans_alloc(struct xfs_scrub *sc, uint resblks);
bool xchk_process_error(struct xfs_scrub *sc, xfs_agnumber_t agno,
xfs_agblock_t bno, int *error);
bool xchk_fblock_process_error(struct xfs_scrub *sc, int whichfork,
xfs_fileoff_t offset, int *error);
bool xchk_xref_process_error(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
xfs_agnumber_t agno, xfs_agblock_t bno, int *error);
bool xchk_fblock_xref_process_error(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
int whichfork, xfs_fileoff_t offset, int *error);
void xchk_block_set_preen(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_buf *bp);
void xchk_ino_set_preen(struct xfs_scrub *sc, xfs_ino_t ino);
void xchk_set_corrupt(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
void xchk_block_set_corrupt(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_buf *bp);
void xchk_ino_set_corrupt(struct xfs_scrub *sc, xfs_ino_t ino);
void xchk_fblock_set_corrupt(struct xfs_scrub *sc, int whichfork,
xfs_fileoff_t offset);
void xchk_block_xref_set_corrupt(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_buf *bp);
void xchk_ino_xref_set_corrupt(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
xfs_ino_t ino);
void xchk_fblock_xref_set_corrupt(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
int whichfork, xfs_fileoff_t offset);
void xchk_ino_set_warning(struct xfs_scrub *sc, xfs_ino_t ino);
void xchk_fblock_set_warning(struct xfs_scrub *sc, int whichfork,
xfs_fileoff_t offset);
void xchk_set_incomplete(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
int xchk_checkpoint_log(struct xfs_mount *mp);
/* Are we set up for a cross-referencing check? */
bool xchk_should_check_xref(struct xfs_scrub *sc, int *error,
struct xfs_btree_cur **curpp);
/* Setup functions */
int xchk_setup_fs(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_ag_allocbt(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_ag_iallocbt(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_ag_rmapbt(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_ag_refcountbt(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_inode(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_inode_bmap(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_inode_bmap_data(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_directory(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_xattr(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_symlink(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_parent(struct xfs_scrub *sc,
struct xfs_inode *ip);
int xchk_setup_rt(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_inode *ip);
static inline int
xchk_setup_rt(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_inode *ip)
return -ENOENT;
int xchk_setup_quota(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_inode *ip);
static inline int
xchk_setup_quota(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_inode *ip)
return -ENOENT;
int xchk_setup_fscounters(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_inode *ip);
void xchk_ag_free(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xchk_ag *sa);
int xchk_ag_init(struct xfs_scrub *sc, xfs_agnumber_t agno,
struct xchk_ag *sa);
void xchk_perag_get(struct xfs_mount *mp, struct xchk_ag *sa);
int xchk_ag_read_headers(struct xfs_scrub *sc, xfs_agnumber_t agno,
struct xfs_buf **agi, struct xfs_buf **agf,
struct xfs_buf **agfl);
void xchk_ag_btcur_free(struct xchk_ag *sa);
int xchk_ag_btcur_init(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xchk_ag *sa);
int xchk_count_rmap_ownedby_ag(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_btree_cur *cur,
const struct xfs_owner_info *oinfo, xfs_filblks_t *blocks);
int xchk_setup_ag_btree(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_inode *ip,
bool force_log);
int xchk_get_inode(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_inode *ip_in);
int xchk_setup_inode_contents(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_inode *ip,
unsigned int resblks);
void xchk_buffer_recheck(struct xfs_scrub *sc, struct xfs_buf *bp);
* Don't bother cross-referencing if we already found corruption or cross
* referencing discrepancies.
static inline bool xchk_skip_xref(struct xfs_scrub_metadata *sm)
return sm->sm_flags & (XFS_SCRUB_OFLAG_CORRUPT |
int xchk_metadata_inode_forks(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
int xchk_ilock_inverted(struct xfs_inode *ip, uint lock_mode);
void xchk_stop_reaping(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
void xchk_start_reaping(struct xfs_scrub *sc);
#endif /* __XFS_SCRUB_COMMON_H__ */