merge-upstream/v5.15.112 from branch/tag: upstream/v5.15.112 into branch: main-R101-cos-5.15


Alexandre Ghiti (1):
      RISC-V: Fix up a cherry-pick warning in setup_vm_final()

Anastasia Belova (1):
      btrfs: print-tree: parent bytenr must be aligned to sector size

Andrea Mayer (1):
      selftests: srv6: make srv6_end_dt46_l3vpn_test more robust

Andrey Avdeev (1):
      platform/x86: touchscreen_dmi: Add info for the Dexp Ursus KX210i

Andy Moreton (1):
      sfc: Fix module EEPROM reporting for QSFP modules

Angelo Dureghello (1):
      net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: add mv88e6321 rsvd2cpu

Ankit Nautiyal (1):
      drm/i915/dg2: Add HDMI pixel clock frequencies 267.30 and 319.89 MHz

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (1):
      perf pmu: zfree() expects a pointer to a pointer to zero it after freeing its contents

Arınç ÜNAL (1):
      net: dsa: mt7530: fix corrupt frames using trgmii on 40 MHz XTAL MT7621

Aurabindo Pillai (1):
      drm/amd/display: Fix hang when skipping modeset

Baokun Li (1):
      ext4: check iomap type only if ext4_iomap_begin() does not fail

Boris Burkov (1):
      btrfs: fix encoded write i_size corruption with no-holes

Chia-I Wu (1):
      drm/amdgpu: add a missing lock for AMDGPU_SCHED

Christoph Böhmwalder (1):
      drbd: correctly submit flush bio on barrier

Christoph Hellwig (1):
      btrfs: zero the buffer before marking it dirty in btrfs_redirty_list_add

Christophe JAILLET (3):
      mailbox: zynq: Switch to flexible array to simplify code
      watchdog: dw_wdt: Fix the error handling path of dw_wdt_drv_probe()
      crypto: sun8i-ss - Fix a test in sun8i_ss_setup_ivs()

Cong Wang (1):
      sit: update dev->needed_headroom in ipip6_tunnel_bind_dev()

Corentin Labbe (1):
      crypto: engine - check if BH is disabled during completion

Cosmo Chou (1):
      net/ncsi: clear Tx enable mode when handling a Config required AEN

Dale Zhao (1):
      drm/amd/display: Refine condition of cursor visibility for pipe-split

Daniel Baluta (1):
      ASoC: soc-compress: Inherit atomicity from DAI link for Compress FE

David Howells (1):
      rxrpc: Fix hard call timeout units

Dmitrii Dolgov (1):
      perf stat: Separate bperf from bpf_profiler

Filipe Manana (2):
      btrfs: fix btrfs_prev_leaf() to not return the same key twice
      btrfs: fix space cache inconsistency after error loading it from disk

Francesco Dolcini (1):
      drm/bridge: lt8912b: Fix DSI Video Mode

Geetha sowjanya (1):
      octeontx2-af: Secure APR table update with the lock

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):
      Linux 5.15.112

Guchun Chen (2):
      drm/amdgpu/gfx: disable gfx9 cp_ecc_error_irq only when enabling legacy gfx ras
      drm/amdgpu: disable sdma ecc irq only when sdma RAS is enabled in suspend

Hamza Mahfooz (2):
      drm/amd/display: fix flickering caused by S/G mode
      drm/amdgpu: fix an amdgpu_irq_put() issue in gmc_v9_0_hw_fini()

Hans de Goede (1):
      platform/x86: touchscreen_dmi: Add upside-down quirk for GDIX1002 ts on the Juno Tablet

Hayes Wang (3):
      r8152: fix flow control issue of RTL8156A
      r8152: fix the poor throughput for 2.5G devices
      r8152: move setting r8153b_rx_agg_chg_indicate()

Herbert Xu (2):
      crypto: api - Add scaffolding to change completion function signature
      crypto: engine - Use crypto_request_complete

Ian Rogers (1):
      perf evlist: Refactor evlist__for_each_cpu()

Ido Schimmel (1):
      ethtool: Fix uninitialized number of lanes

Ilpo Järvinen (1):
      serial: 8250: Fix serial8250_tx_empty() race with DMA Tx

Jaegeuk Kim (1):
      f2fs: fix potential corruption when moving a directory

James Cowgill (1):
      drm/panel: otm8009a: Set backlight parent to panel device

Jan Kara (2):
      inotify: Avoid reporting event with invalid wd
      ext4: fix data races when using cached status extents

Jeffrey Hugo (3):
      bus: mhi: host: Remove duplicate ee check for syserr
      bus: mhi: host: Use mhi_tryset_pm_state() for setting fw error state
      bus: mhi: host: Range check CHDBOFF and ERDBOFF

Jeremi Piotrowski (1):
      crypto: ccp - Clear PSP interrupt status register before calling handler

Johan Hovold (3):
      drm/msm: fix NULL-deref on snapshot tear down
      drm/msm: fix NULL-deref on irq uninstall
      drm/msm/adreno: fix runtime PM imbalance at gpu load

John Stultz (1):
      locking/rwsem: Add __always_inline annotation to __down_read_common() and inlined callers

Josef Bacik (1):
      btrfs: don't free qgroup space unless specified

Kajol Jain (1):
      perf vendor events power9: Remove UTF-8 characters from JSON files

Konrad Dybcio (1):
      drm/msm/adreno: adreno_gpu: Use suspend() instead of idle() on load error

Konstantin Komarov (1):
      fs/ntfs3: Refactoring of various minor issues

Krzysztof Kozlowski (2):
      ARM: dts: exynos: fix WM8960 clock name in Itop Elite
      ARM: dts: s5pv210: correct MIPI CSIS clock name

Kuninori Morimoto (1):
      ASoC: soc-pcm.c: call __soc_pcm_close() in soc_pcm_close()

Kuniyuki Iwashima (1):
      af_packet: Don't send zero-byte data in packet_sendmsg_spkt().

Lin.Cao (1):
      drm/amdgpu: Fix vram recover doesn't work after whole GPU reset (v2)

Manivannan Sadhasivam (1):
      bus: mhi: Move host MHI code to "host" directory

Markus Elfring (1):
      perf map: Delete two variable initialisations before null pointer checks in sort__sym_from_cmp()

Mathieu Poirier (3):
      remoteproc: stm32: Call of_node_put() on iteration error
      remoteproc: st: Call of_node_put() on iteration error
      remoteproc: imx_rproc: Call of_node_put() on iteration error

Maxim Korotkov (1):
      writeback: fix call of incorrect macro

Mårten Lindahl (1):
      ubifs: Fix memory leak in do_rename

Namjae Jeon (8):
      ksmbd: set RSS capable in FSCTL_QUERY_NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO
      ksmbd: fix multi session connection failure
      ksmbd: replace sessions list in connection with xarray
      ksmbd: add channel rwlock
      ksmbd: fix kernel oops from idr_remove()
      ksmbd: fix racy issue while destroying session on multichannel
      ksmbd: fix deadlock in ksmbd_find_crypto_ctx()
      ksmbd: not allow guest user on multichannel

Naohiro Aota (1):
      btrfs: zoned: fix wrong use of bitops API in btrfs_ensure_empty_zones

Nicholas Kazlauskas (1):
      drm/amd/display: Add NULL plane_state check for cursor disable logic

Olivier Bacon (1):
      crypto: engine - fix crypto_queue backlog handling

Pawel Witek (1):
      cifs: fix pcchunk length type in smb2_copychunk_range

Pierre-Louis Bossart (4):
      ASoC: soc-pcm: use GFP_ATOMIC for dpcm structure
      ASoC: soc-pcm: align BE 'atomicity' with that of the FE
      ASoC: soc-pcm: test refcount before triggering
      ASoC: soc-pcm: fix BE handling of PAUSE_RELEASE

Ping Cheng (2):
      HID: wacom: Set a default resolution for older tablets
      HID: wacom: insert timestamp to packed Bluetooth (BT) events

Randy Dunlap (4):
      sh: math-emu: fix macro redefined warning
      sh: mcount.S: fix build error when PRINTK is not enabled
      sh: init: use OF_EARLY_FLATTREE for early init
      sh: nmi_debug: fix return value of __setup handler

Ratheesh Kannoth (1):
      octeontx2-af: Skip PFs if not enabled

Rob Clark (1):
      drm/msm: Remove struct_mutex usage

Roman Lozko (1):
      perf scripts Fix IPC output for Python 2

Ruliang Lin (1):
      ALSA: caiaq: input: Add error handling for unsupported input methods in `snd_usb_caiaq_input_init`

Sascha Hauer (1):
      wifi: rtw88: rtw8821c: Fix rfe_option field width

Saurabh Sengar (1):
      drm/hyperv: Don't overwrite dirt_needed value set by host

Shannon Nelson (2):
      ionic: remove noise from ethtool rxnfc error msg
      ionic: catch failure from devlink_alloc

Sia Jee Heng (1):
      RISC-V: mm: Enable huge page support to kernel_page_present() function

Steve French (3):
      cifs: release leases for deferred close handles when freezing
      smb3: fix problem remounting a share after shutdown
      SMB3: force unmount was failing to close deferred close files

Subbaraya Sundeep (2):
      octeontx2-pf: Disable packet I/O for graceful exit
      octeontx2-vf: Detach LF resources on probe cleanup

Takashi Iwai (5):
      ASoC: soc-pcm: Fix and cleanup DPCM locking
      ASoC: soc-pcm: serialize BE triggers
      ASoC: soc-pcm: Fix DPCM lockdep warning due to nested stream locks
      ASoC: soc-pcm: Move debugfs removal out of spinlock
      ASoC: DPCM: Don't pick up BE without substream

Tanmay Shah (1):
      mailbox: zynqmp: Fix counts of child nodes

Taylor, Clinton A (1):
      drm/i915/dg2: Add additional HDMI pixel clock frequencies

Theodore Ts'o (7):
      ext4: improve error recovery code paths in __ext4_remount()
      ext4: improve error handling from ext4_dirhash()
      ext4: fix deadlock when converting an inline directory in nojournal mode
      ext4: add bounds checking in get_max_inline_xattr_value_size()
      ext4: bail out of ext4_xattr_ibody_get() fails for any reason
      ext4: remove a BUG_ON in ext4_mb_release_group_pa()
      ext4: fix invalid free tracking in ext4_xattr_move_to_block()

Tudor Ambarus (1):
      ext4: avoid a potential slab-out-of-bounds in ext4_group_desc_csum

Tze-nan Wu (1):
      ring-buffer: Ensure proper resetting of atomic variables in ring_buffer_reset_online_cpus

Vandita Kulkarni (1):
      drm/i915/dg2: Support 4k@30 on HDMI

Victor Nogueira (1):
      net/sched: act_mirred: Add carrier check

Vlad Buslov (1):
      net/sched: cls_api: remove block_cb from driver_list before freeing

Wei Fang (1):
      net: enetc: check the index of the SFI rather than the handle

Wenliang Wang (1):
      virtio_net: suppress cpu stall when free_unused_bufs

Xuan Zhuo (1):
      virtio_net: split free_unused_bufs()

Yang Jihong (1):
      perf symbols: Fix return incorrect build_id size in elf_read_build_id()

Ye Bin (1):
      ext4: fix WARNING in mb_find_extent

ZhangPeng (1):
      fs/ntfs3: Fix null-ptr-deref on inode->i_op in ntfs_lookup()

Zheng Wang (1):
      scsi: qedi: Fix use after free bug in qedi_remove()

Zhihao Cheng (1):
      ubifs: Fix AA deadlock when setting xattr for encrypted file

TEST=tryjob, validation and K8s e2e
RELEASE_NOTE=Updated the Linux kernel to v5.15.112.

Change-Id: If442aa0c0f033d1a34c3f6d2fd1b028962becbf7
Signed-off-by: COS Kernel Merge Bot <>