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/// Find confusingly indented code in or after an if. An if branch should
/// be indented. The code following an if should not be indented.
/// Sometimes, code after an if that is indented is actually intended to be
/// part of the if branch.
//# This has a high rate of false positives, because Coccinelle's column
//# calculation does not distinguish between spaces and tabs, so code that
//# is not visually aligned may be considered to be in the same column.
// Confidence: Low
// Copyright: (C) 2010 Nicolas Palix, DIKU. GPLv2.
// Copyright: (C) 2010 Julia Lawall, DIKU. GPLv2.
// Copyright: (C) 2010 Gilles Muller, INRIA/LiP6. GPLv2.
// URL:
// Comments:
// Options: --no-includes --include-headers
virtual org
virtual report
@r disable braces4@
position p1,p2;
statement S1,S2;
if (...) { ... }
if (...) S1@p1 S2@p2
@script:python depends on org@
p1 << r.p1;
p2 << r.p2;
if (p1[0].column == p2[0].column):
@script:python depends on report@
p1 << r.p1;
p2 << r.p2;
if (p1[0].column == p2[0].column):
msg = "code aligned with following code on line %s" % (p2[0].line)[0],msg)