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.. _V4L2-PIX-FMT-Y10P:
V4L2_PIX_FMT_Y10P ('Y10P')
Grey-scale image as a MIPI RAW10 packed array
This is a packed grey-scale image format with a depth of 10 bits per
pixel. Every four consecutive pixels are packed into 5 bytes. Each of
the first 4 bytes contain the 8 high order bits of the pixels, and
the 5th byte contains the 2 least significants bits of each pixel,
in the same order.
**Bit-packed representation.**
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.. tabularcolumns:: |p{1.2cm}||p{1.2cm}||p{1.2cm}||p{1.2cm}|p{3.2cm}|p{3.2cm}|
.. flat-table::
:header-rows: 0
:stub-columns: 0
:widths: 8 8 8 8 64
* - Y'\ :sub:`00[9:2]`
- Y'\ :sub:`01[9:2]`
- Y'\ :sub:`02[9:2]`
- Y'\ :sub:`03[9:2]`
- Y'\ :sub:`03[1:0]`\ (bits 7--6) Y'\ :sub:`02[1:0]`\ (bits 5--4)
Y'\ :sub:`01[1:0]`\ (bits 3--2) Y'\ :sub:`00[1:0]`\ (bits 1--0)
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