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What: /sys/devices/.../real_power_state
Date: January 2013
Contact: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
The /sys/devices/.../real_power_state attribute is only present
for device objects representing ACPI device nodes that provide
power management methods and use ACPI power resources for power
If present, it contains a string representing the real ACPI
power state of the given device node as returned by the _PSC
control method or inferred from the configuration of power
resources. Its possible values, "D0", "D1", "D2", "D3hot", and
"D3cold", reflect the power state names defined by the ACPI
specification (ACPI 4 and above).
In some situations the value of this attribute may be different
from the value of the /sys/devices/.../power_state attribute for
the same device object. If that happens, some shared power
resources used by the device node are only ON because of some
other devices using them at the moment.
This attribute is read-only.