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This document provides guidance on how to change the protos used in this directory.
Any change made to a proto file require to reformat it and regenerate nanopb
sources. It also requires the proto files to be compatible to previously released versions.
To reformat any proto file run: "clang-format -style=Google -i <file.proto>"
To regenerate nanopb files:
- Install protoc
- apt-get install protobuf-compiler
- Clone/setup nanopb for version (or clone the internal depot)
- git clone --depth=1
- cd nanopb
- git fetch --tags
- git checkout tags/
- make -C generator/proto
- Run protoc with the nanopb definition
- protoc --plugin=<path_to_nanopb>/generator/protoc-gen-nanopb --nanopb_out=<path_to_linux>/security/container/protos/ <path_to_linux>/security/container/protos/<file.proto> --proto_path=<path_to_linux>/security/container/protos