merge-upstream/v5.4.72 from branch/tag: upstream/v5.4.72 into branch: cos-5.4


Anant Thazhemadam (1):
      staging: comedi: check validity of wMaxPacketSize of usb endpoints found

Arjan van de Ven (1):
      ACPI: Always build evged in

Dmitry Golovin (1):
      ARM: 8939/1: kbuild: use correct nm executable

Dominik Przychodni (1):
      crypto: qat - check cipher length for aead AES-CBC-HMAC-SHA

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):
      Linux 5.4.72

Herbert Xu (1):
      crypto: bcm - Verify GCM/CCM key length in setkey

Jan Kara (2):
      reiserfs: Initialize inode keys properly
      reiserfs: Fix oops during mount

Josef Bacik (2):
      btrfs: don't pass system_chunk into can_overcommit
      btrfs: take overcommit into account in inc_block_group_ro

Juergen Gross (1):
      xen/events: don't use chip_data for legacy IRQs

Leo Yan (1):
      perf cs-etm: Move definition of 'traceid_list' global variable from header file

Leonid Bloch (1):
      USB: serial: option: Add Telit FT980-KS composition

Luiz Augusto von Dentz (5):
      Bluetooth: A2MP: Fix not initializing all members
      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Fix calling sk_filter on non-socket based channel
      Bluetooth: MGMT: Fix not checking if BT_HS is enabled
      Bluetooth: Consolidate encryption handling in hci_encrypt_cfm
      Bluetooth: Disconnect if E0 is used for Level 4

Mychaela N. Falconia (1):
      USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add support for FreeCalypso JTAG+UART adapters

Oliver Neukum (1):
      media: usbtv: Fix refcounting mixup

Patrick Steinhardt (1):
      Bluetooth: Fix update of connection state in `hci_encrypt_cfm`

Scott Chen (1):
      USB: serial: pl2303: add device-id for HP GC device

Wilken Gottwalt (1):
      USB: serial: option: add Cellient MPL200 card

TEST=tryjob, validation and K8s e2e
RELEASE_NOTE=Updated the Linux kernel to upstream/v5.4.72.

Signed-off-by: COS Kernel Merge Bot <>
Change-Id: I3c86f91435cc620b1c820b2b15751531879ad05b