merge-gve-1.1.0 from branch/tag: gve-1.1.0 into branch: cos-4.19


    gve: Bump version to 1.1.0.
    gve: Move the irq db indexes out of the ntfy block struct
    gve: Add rx buffer pagecnt bias
    gve: Add netif_set_xps_queue call
    gve: Fixes race between gve_open and gve_init_prive.
    gve: Add support for raw addressing to the rx path
    gve: Add support for raw addressing in the tx path
    gve: Add support for raw addressing device option
    gve: Fixes memory barrier to make sure we have synchronized the seq no with the device.
    gve: Enable Link Speed Reporting in the driver.
    gve: Fix max Tx/Rx queues in gve_probe.
    gve: Use link status register to report link status
    gve: Batch AQ commands for creating and destroying queues.
    gve: Fix gve flags enum. The flag bits were not used as expected.
    gve: fix -ENOMEM null check on a page allocation
    gve: Add Gvnic stats AQ command and ethtool show/set-priv-flags.
    gve: Add support for dma_mask register
    gve: Fix freeing DMA memory with different size when describe device.
    gve: Add stats for gve.
    gve: Get and set Rx copybreak via ethtool


Change-Id: Ib798a7357d4867868045975885fe54ecfb6c67bb
Reviewed-by: Roy Yang <>
9 files changed