virtio_net: Do not pull payload in skb->head

Xuan Zhuo reported that commit 3226b158e67c ("net: avoid 32 x truesize
under-estimation for tiny skbs") brought  a ~10% performance drop.

The reason for the performance drop was that GRO was forced
to chain sk_buff (using skb_shinfo(skb)->frag_list), which
uses more memory but also cause packet consumers to go over
a lot of overhead handling all the tiny skbs.

It turns out that virtio_net page_to_skb() has a wrong strategy :
It allocates skbs with GOOD_COPY_LEN (128) bytes in skb->head, then
copies 128 bytes from the page, before feeding the packet to GRO stack.

This was suboptimal before commit 3226b158e67c ("net: avoid 32 x truesize
under-estimation for tiny skbs") because GRO was using 2 frags per MSS,
meaning we were not packing MSS with 100% efficiency.

Fix is to pull only the ethernet header in page_to_skb()

Then, we change virtio_net_hdr_to_skb() to pull the missing
headers, instead of assuming they were already pulled by callers.

This fixes the performance regression, but could also allow virtio_net
to accept packets with more than 128bytes of headers.

Many thanks to Xuan Zhuo for his report, and his tests/help.

RELEASE_NOTE=avoid 32 x truesize under-estimation for tiny skbs

Reason for revert: Reland the change

cos-patch: bug
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