dma-buf: add option text so it can be enabled by users

This reverts commit 3b32a592ea6e4 ("dma-buf: drop option text so users
don't select it.") to allow users select DMA_SHARED_BUFFER option
explicitly. This is required for out-of-tree modules that depend on
dma-buf functionality, for instance drivers that rely on Google's Gasket

On general-purpose Linux systems the option is usually implicitely
enabled in the default kernel config by subsystems that use it but
systems with smaller kernel footprint have to rely on side-effects
from enabling unrelated options to get dma-buf functionality built.


Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Tymoshenko <>
Change-Id: I369d3d6a1c706c7d5207f8a7a9c22a467fbc5acd
Reviewed-by: Roy Yang <>
Reviewed-by: Meena Shanmugam <>
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