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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0+ OR BSD-3-Clause) */
* Copyright 2014-2016 Freescale Semiconductor Inc.
* Copyright NXP
#ifndef __FSL_DPAA2_IO_H
#define __FSL_DPAA2_IO_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/cpumask.h>
#include <linux/irqreturn.h>
#include "dpaa2-fd.h"
#include "dpaa2-global.h"
struct dpaa2_io;
struct dpaa2_io_store;
struct device;
* DOC: DPIO Service
* The DPIO service provides APIs for users to interact with the datapath
* by enqueueing and dequeing frame descriptors.
* The following set of APIs can be used to enqueue and dequeue frames
* as well as producing notification callbacks when data is available
* for dequeue.
#define DPAA2_IO_ANY_CPU -1
* struct dpaa2_io_desc - The DPIO descriptor
* @receives_notifications: Use notificaton mode. Non-zero if the DPIO
* has a channel.
* @has_8prio: Set to non-zero for channel with 8 priority WQs. Ignored
* unless receives_notification is TRUE.
* @cpu: The cpu index that at least interrupt handlers will
* execute on.
* @stash_affinity: The stash affinity for this portal favour 'cpu'
* @regs_cena: The cache enabled regs.
* @regs_cinh: The cache inhibited regs
* @dpio_id: The dpio index
* @qman_version: The qman version
* Describes the attributes and features of the DPIO object.
struct dpaa2_io_desc {
int receives_notifications;
int has_8prio;
int cpu;
void *regs_cena;
void __iomem *regs_cinh;
int dpio_id;
u32 qman_version;
struct dpaa2_io *dpaa2_io_create(const struct dpaa2_io_desc *desc,
struct device *dev);
void dpaa2_io_down(struct dpaa2_io *d);
irqreturn_t dpaa2_io_irq(struct dpaa2_io *obj);
struct dpaa2_io *dpaa2_io_service_select(int cpu);
* struct dpaa2_io_notification_ctx - The DPIO notification context structure
* @cb: The callback to be invoked when the notification arrives
* @is_cdan: Zero for FQDAN, non-zero for CDAN
* @id: FQID or channel ID, needed for rearm
* @desired_cpu: The cpu on which the notifications will show up. Use
* DPAA2_IO_ANY_CPU if don't care
* @dpio_id: The dpio index
* @qman64: The 64-bit context value shows up in the FQDAN/CDAN.
* @node: The list node
* @dpio_private: The dpio object internal to dpio_service
* Used when a FQDAN/CDAN registration is made by drivers.
struct dpaa2_io_notification_ctx {
void (*cb)(struct dpaa2_io_notification_ctx *ctx);
int is_cdan;
u32 id;
int desired_cpu;
int dpio_id;
u64 qman64;
struct list_head node;
void *dpio_private;
int dpaa2_io_get_cpu(struct dpaa2_io *d);
int dpaa2_io_service_register(struct dpaa2_io *service,
struct dpaa2_io_notification_ctx *ctx,
struct device *dev);
void dpaa2_io_service_deregister(struct dpaa2_io *service,
struct dpaa2_io_notification_ctx *ctx,
struct device *dev);
int dpaa2_io_service_rearm(struct dpaa2_io *service,
struct dpaa2_io_notification_ctx *ctx);
int dpaa2_io_service_pull_fq(struct dpaa2_io *d, u32 fqid,
struct dpaa2_io_store *s);
int dpaa2_io_service_pull_channel(struct dpaa2_io *d, u32 channelid,
struct dpaa2_io_store *s);
int dpaa2_io_service_enqueue_fq(struct dpaa2_io *d, u32 fqid,
const struct dpaa2_fd *fd);
int dpaa2_io_service_enqueue_qd(struct dpaa2_io *d, u32 qdid, u8 prio,
u16 qdbin, const struct dpaa2_fd *fd);
int dpaa2_io_service_release(struct dpaa2_io *d, u16 bpid,
const u64 *buffers, unsigned int num_buffers);
int dpaa2_io_service_acquire(struct dpaa2_io *d, u16 bpid,
u64 *buffers, unsigned int num_buffers);
struct dpaa2_io_store *dpaa2_io_store_create(unsigned int max_frames,
struct device *dev);
void dpaa2_io_store_destroy(struct dpaa2_io_store *s);
struct dpaa2_dq *dpaa2_io_store_next(struct dpaa2_io_store *s, int *is_last);
int dpaa2_io_query_fq_count(struct dpaa2_io *d, u32 fqid,
u32 *fcnt, u32 *bcnt);
int dpaa2_io_query_bp_count(struct dpaa2_io *d, u16 bpid,
u32 *num);
#endif /* __FSL_DPAA2_IO_H */