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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Makefile for the Linux SuperH-specific parts of the memory manager.
obj-y := alignment.o cache.o init.o consistent.o mmap.o
cacheops-$(CONFIG_CPU_J2) := cache-j2.o
cacheops-$(CONFIG_CPU_SUBTYPE_SH7619) := cache-sh2.o
cacheops-$(CONFIG_CPU_SH2A) := cache-sh2a.o
cacheops-$(CONFIG_CPU_SH3) := cache-sh3.o
cacheops-$(CONFIG_CPU_SH4) := cache-sh4.o flush-sh4.o
cacheops-$(CONFIG_CPU_SH5) := cache-sh5.o flush-sh4.o
cacheops-$(CONFIG_SH7705_CACHE_32KB) += cache-sh7705.o
cacheops-$(CONFIG_CPU_SHX3) += cache-shx3.o
obj-y += $(cacheops-y)
mmu-y := nommu.o extable_32.o
mmu-$(CONFIG_MMU) := extable_$(BITS).o fault.o ioremap.o kmap.o \
pgtable.o tlbex_$(BITS).o tlbflush_$(BITS).o
obj-y += $(mmu-y)
debugfs-y := asids-debugfs.o
debugfs-$(CONFIG_CPU_SH4) += cache-debugfs.o
debugfs-$(CONFIG_CPU_SH4) += tlb-debugfs.o
tlb-$(CONFIG_CPU_SH3) := tlb-sh3.o
tlb-$(CONFIG_CPU_SH4) := tlb-sh4.o tlb-urb.o
tlb-$(CONFIG_CPU_SH5) := tlb-sh5.o
tlb-$(CONFIG_CPU_HAS_PTEAEX) := tlb-pteaex.o tlb-urb.o
obj-y += $(tlb-y)
obj-$(CONFIG_DEBUG_FS) += $(debugfs-y)
obj-$(CONFIG_HUGETLB_PAGE) += hugetlbpage.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PMB) += pmb.o
obj-$(CONFIG_NUMA) += numa.o
obj-$(CONFIG_IOREMAP_FIXED) += ioremap_fixed.o
obj-$(CONFIG_UNCACHED_MAPPING) += uncached.o
obj-$(CONFIG_HAVE_SRAM_POOL) += sram.o
GCOV_PROFILE_pmb.o := n
# Special flags for tlbex_64.o. This puts restrictions on the number of
# caller-save registers that the compiler can target when building this file.
# This is required because the code is called from a context in entry.S where
# very few registers have been saved in the exception handler (for speed
# reasons).
# The caller save registers that have been saved and which can be used are
# r2,r3,r4,r5 : argument passing
# r15, r18 : SP and LINK
# tr0-4 : allow all caller-save TR's. The compiler seems to be able to make
# use of them, so it's probably beneficial to performance to save them
# and have them available for it.
# The resources not listed below are callee save, i.e. the compiler is free to
# use any of them and will spill them to the stack itself.
CFLAGS_tlbex_64.o += -ffixed-r7 \
-ffixed-r8 -ffixed-r9 -ffixed-r10 -ffixed-r11 -ffixed-r12 \
-ffixed-r13 -ffixed-r14 -ffixed-r16 -ffixed-r17 -ffixed-r19 \
-ffixed-r20 -ffixed-r21 -ffixed-r22 -ffixed-r23 \
-ffixed-r24 -ffixed-r25 -ffixed-r26 -ffixed-r27 \
-ffixed-r36 -ffixed-r37 -ffixed-r38 -ffixed-r39 -ffixed-r40 \
-ffixed-r41 -ffixed-r42 -ffixed-r43 \
-ffixed-r60 -ffixed-r61 -ffixed-r62 \
ccflags-y := -Werror