merge-upstream/v5.4.56 from branch/tag: upstream/v5.4.56 into branch: cos-5.4


Abhishek Ambure (1):
      ath10k: enable transmit data ack RSSI for QCA9884

Alaa Hleihel (1):
      net/mlx5e: Fix kernel crash when setting vf VLANID on a VF dev

Alain Michaud (1):
      Bluetooth: fix kernel oops in store_pending_adv_report

Alex Deucher (1):
      Revert "drm/amdgpu: Fix NULL dereference in dpm sysfs handlers"

Andrea Righi (1):
      xen-netfront: fix potential deadlock in xennet_remove()

Andrii Nakryiko (1):
      bpf: Fix map leak in HASH_OF_MAPS map

Armas Spann (2):
      ALSA: hda/realtek: enable headset mic of ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15(GA502) series with ALC289
      ALSA: hda/realtek: typo_fix: enable headset mic of ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14(GA401) series with ALC289

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (3):
      perf tests bp_account: Make global variable static
      perf env: Do not return pointers to local variables
      perf bench: Share some global variables to fix build with gcc 10

Atish Patra (1):
      RISC-V: Set maximum number of mapped pages correctly

Aya Levin (1):
      net/mlx5e: Fix error path of device attach

Ben Hutchings (1):
      libtraceevent: Fix build with binutils 2.35

Eran Ben Elisha (1):
      net/mlx5: Verify Hardware supports requested ptp function on a given pin

Fabio Estevam (2):
      ARM: dts: imx6sx-sabreauto: Fix the phy-mode on fec2
      ARM: dts: imx6sx-sdb: Fix the phy-mode on fec2

Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
      usb: hso: Fix debug compile warning on sparc32

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):
      Linux 5.4.56

Guojia Liao (1):
      net: hns3: fix aRFS FD rules leftover after add a user FD rule

Herbert Xu (1):
      rhashtable: Fix unprotected RCU dereference in __rht_ptr

Ido Schimmel (2):
      mlxsw: core: Increase scope of RCU read-side critical section
      mlxsw: core: Free EMAD transactions using kfree_rcu()

Jakub Kicinski (1):
      mlx4: disable device on shutdown

Jan Kara (1):
      mm/filemap.c: don't bother dropping mmap_sem for zero size readahead

Johan Hovold (2):
      net: lan78xx: add missing endpoint sanity check
      net: lan78xx: fix transfer-buffer memory leak

Josh Poimboeuf (2):
      x86/unwind/orc: Fix ORC for newly forked tasks
      x86/stacktrace: Fix reliable check for empty user task stacks

Kailang Yang (1):
      ALSA: hda/realtek - Fixed HP right speaker no sound

Laurence Oberman (1):
      qed: Disable "MFW indication via attention" SPAM every 5 minutes

Laurence Tratt (1):
      ALSA: usb-audio: Add implicit feedback quirk for SSL2

Liam Beguin (1):
      parisc: add support for cmpxchg on u8 pointers

Lu Wei (1):
      net: nixge: fix potential memory leak in nixge_probe()

Maxime Ripard (1):
      ARM: dts sunxi: Relax a bit the CMA pool allocation range

Mazin Rezk (1):
      drm/amd/display: Clear dm_state for fast updates

Michael Karcher (1):
      sh: Fix validation of system call number

Michael S. Tsirkin (2):
      vhost/scsi: fix up req type endian-ness
      virtio_balloon: fix up endian-ness for free cmd id

Michael Trimarchi (1):
      ARM: dts: imx6qdl-icore: Fix OTG_ID pin and sdcard detect

Mike Marciniszyn (1):
      IB/rdmavt: Fix RQ counting issues causing use of an invalid RWQE

Ming Lei (1):
      scsi: core: Run queue in case of I/O resource contention failure

Navid Emamdoost (4):
      crypto: ccp - Release all allocated memory if sha type is invalid
      media: rc: prevent memory leak in cx23888_ir_probe
      nfc: s3fwrn5: add missing release on skb in s3fwrn5_recv_frame
      cxgb4: add missing release on skb in uld_send()

Paolo Pisati (2):
      selftests: fib_nexthop_multiprefix: fix cleanup() netns deletion
      selftests: net: ip_defrag: modprobe missing nf_defrag_ipv6 support

Parav Pandit (1):
      net/mlx5: E-switch, Destroy TSAR when fail to enable the mode

Paul Cercueil (1):
      drm/dbi: Fix SPI Type 1 (9-bit) transfer

PeiSen Hou (1):
      ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix add a "ultra_low_power" function for intel reference board (alc256)

Peilin Ye (2):
      drm/amdgpu: Prevent kernel-infoleak in amdgpu_info_ioctl()
      rds: Prevent kernel-infoleak in rds_notify_queue_get()

Peter Zijlstra (1):
      sh/tlb: Fix PGTABLE_LEVELS > 2

Pi-Hsun Shih (1):
      wireless: Use offsetof instead of custom macro.

Raviteja Narayanam (1):
      Revert "i2c: cadence: Fix the hold bit setting"

Remi Pommarel (2):
      mac80211: mesh: Free ie data when leaving mesh
      mac80211: mesh: Free pending skb when destroying a mpath

Robert Hancock (1):
      PCI/ASPM: Disable ASPM on ASMedia ASM1083/1085 PCIe-to-PCI bridge

Robin Murphy (1):
      arm64: csum: Fix handling of bad packets

Ron Diskin (1):
      net/mlx5e: Modify uplink state on interface up/down

Russell King (1):
      ARM: dts: armada-38x: fix NETA lockup when repeatedly switching speeds

Sagi Grimberg (1):
      nvme-tcp: fix possible hang waiting for icresp response

Sami Tolvanen (1):
      arm64/alternatives: move length validation inside the subsection

Sasha Levin (1):
      sunrpc: check that domain table is empty at module unload.

Steffen Klassert (1):
      xfrm: Fix crash when the hold queue is used.

Steve Cohen (1):
      drm: hold gem reference until object is no longer accessed

Taehee Yoo (1):
      vxlan: fix memleak of fdb

Takashi Iwai (1):
      ALSA: hda/hdmi: Fix keep_power assignment for non-component devices

Tanner Love (3):
      selftests/net: rxtimestamp: fix clang issues for target arch PowerPC
      selftests/net: psock_fanout: fix clang issues for target arch PowerPC
      selftests/net: so_txtime: fix clang issues for target arch PowerPC

Thomas Falcon (1):
      ibmvnic: Fix IRQ mapping disposal in error path

Thomas Gleixner (1):
      x86/i8259: Use printk_deferred() to prevent deadlock

Wang Hai (2):
      9p/trans_fd: Fix concurrency del of req_list in p9_fd_cancelled/p9_read_work
      net: gemini: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() in error path of gemini_ethernet_port_probe()

Wanpeng Li (1):
      KVM: LAPIC: Prevent setting the tscdeadline timer if the lapic is hw disabled

Wei Li (1):
      perf tools: Fix record failure when mixed with ARM SPE event

Will Deacon (2):
      ARM: 8986/1: hw_breakpoint: Don't invoke overflow handler on uaccess watchpoints
      KVM: arm64: Don't inherit exec permission across page-table levels

Xie He (1):
      drivers/net/wan: lapb: Corrected the usage of skb_cow

Xin Long (1):
      xfrm: policy: match with both mark and mask on user interfaces

Xin Xiong (1):
      net/mlx5e: fix bpf_prog reference count leaks in mlx5e_alloc_rq

Xiyu Yang (1):
      net/x25: Fix x25_neigh refcnt leak when x25 disconnect

Yonglong Liu (1):
      net: hns3: fix a TX timeout issue

Yoshihiro Shimoda (1):
      net: ethernet: ravb: exit if re-initialization fails in tx timeout

YueHaibing (1):
      net/x25: Fix null-ptr-deref in x25_disconnect

TEST=tryjob, validation and K8s e2e
RELEASE_NOTE=Upgraded the Linux kernel to upstream/v5.4.56

Signed-off-by: Lakitu Kernel Bot <>
Change-Id: I9fbe4bf7961d3657af40ed0112a4f65f318762cb