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# Copyright 2021 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module for printing specially formatted events for cbuildbot reporting."""
import sys
# Import as private to avoid polluting module namespace.
from chromite.lib import buildbot_annotations as _annotations
# Only buildbot aware entry-points need to spew buildbot specific logs. Require
# user action for the special log lines.
_buildbot_markers_enabled = False
def EnableBuildbotMarkers():
# pylint: disable=global-statement
global _buildbot_markers_enabled
_buildbot_markers_enabled = True
def _PrintForBuildbot(handle, annotation_class, *args):
"""Log a line for buildbot.
This function dumps a line to log recognizable by buildbot if
EnableBuildbotMarkers has been called. Otherwise, it dumps the same line in a
human friendly way that buildbot ignores.
handle: The pipe to dump the log to. If None, log to sys.stderr.
annotation_class: Annotation subclass for the type of buildbot log.
buildbot_tag: A tag specifying the type of buildbot log.
*args: The rest of the str arguments to be dumped to the log.
if handle is None:
handle = sys.stderr
if annotation_class == _annotations.SetEmailNotifyProperty:
annotation = annotation_class(*args)
# Cast each argument, because we end up getting all sorts of objects from
# callers.
str_args = [str(x) for x in args]
annotation = annotation_class(*str_args)
if _buildbot_markers_enabled:
line = str(annotation)
line = annotation.human_friendly
handle.write('\n' + line + '\n')
def PrintBuildbotLink(text, url, handle=None):
"""Prints out a link to buildbot."""
_PrintForBuildbot(handle, _annotations.StepLink, text, url)
def PrintKitchenSetBuildProperty(name, data, handle=None):
"""Prints out a request to set a build property to a JSON value."""
_PrintForBuildbot(handle, _annotations.SetBuildProperty, name, data)
def PrintKitchenSetEmailNotifyProperty(name, data, handle=None):
"""Prints out a request to set an email_notify build property."""
_PrintForBuildbot(handle, _annotations.SetEmailNotifyProperty, name, data)
def PrintBuildbotStepText(text, handle=None):
"""Prints out stage text to buildbot."""
_PrintForBuildbot(handle, _annotations.StepText, text)
def PrintBuildbotStepWarnings(handle=None):
"""Marks a stage as having warnings."""
PrintBuildbotStepText('[FAILED BUT FORGIVEN]', handle=handle)
# Warnings not supported by LUCI, so working around until re-added.
_PrintForBuildbot(handle, _annotations.StepWarnings)
def PrintBuildbotStepFailure(handle=None):
"""Marks a stage as having failures."""
_PrintForBuildbot(handle, _annotations.StepFailure)
def PrintBuildbotStepName(name, handle=None):
"""Marks a step name for buildbot to display."""
_PrintForBuildbot(handle, _annotations.BuildStep, name)