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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""The payload API is the entry point for payload functionality."""
from __future__ import print_function
from copy import deepcopy
from chromite.lib import chroot_util
from chromite.lib.paygen import gspaths
from chromite.lib.paygen import paygen_payload_lib
from chromite.api.gen.chromiumos import common_pb2
from chromite.api.gen.chromite.api import payload_pb2
class Error(Exception):
"""Base module error."""
class ImageTypeUnknownError(Error):
"""An error raised when image type is unknown."""
class ImageMismatchError(Error):
"""An error raised when src and tgt aren't compatible."""
class PayloadConfig(object):
"""Value object to hold the GeneratePayload configuration options."""
def __init__(self, tgt_image=None, src_image=None,
dest_bucket=None, verify=True, keyset=None):
"""Init method, sets up all the paths and configuration.
tgt_image (UnsignedImage or SignedImage): Proto for destination image.
src_image (UnsignedImage or SignedImage or None): Proto for source image.
dest_bucket (str): Destination bucket to place the final artifacts in.
verify (bool): If delta is made, verify the integrity of the payload.
keyset (str): The key to sign the image with.
# Set when we call GeneratePayload on this object.
self.paygen = None
self.tgt_image = tgt_image
self.src_image = src_image
self.dest_bucket = dest_bucket
self.verify = verify
self.keyset = keyset
self.delta_type = 'delta' if self.src_image else 'full'
self.image_type = _ImageTypeToStr(tgt_image.image_type)
# This block ensures that we have paths to the correct perm of images.
if self.delta_type == 'delta':
if isinstance(self.tgt_image, payload_pb2.UnsignedImage):
tgt_image_path = _GenUnsignedGSPath(self.tgt_image, self.image_type)
src_image_path = _GenUnsignedGSPath(self.src_image, self.image_type)
elif isinstance(self.tgt_image, payload_pb2.SignedImage):
tgt_image_path = _GenSignedGSPath(self.tgt_image, self.image_type)
src_image_path = _GenSignedGSPath(self.src_image, self.image_type)
elif self.delta_type == 'full':
tgt_image_path = _GenUnsignedGSPath(self.tgt_image, self.image_type)
src_image_path = None
# Set your output location.
payload_build = deepcopy(
payload_build.bucket = dest_bucket
payload_output_uri = gspaths.ChromeosReleases.PayloadUri(
build=payload_build, random_str=None, key=self.keyset, if src_image else None,
self.payload = gspaths.Payload(
tgt_image=tgt_image_path, src_image=src_image_path,
def GeneratePayload(self):
"""Do payload generation (& maybe sign) on Google Storage cros images.
True if successful, raises otherwise.
should_sign = True if self.keyset != '' else False
with chroot_util.TempDirInChroot() as temp_dir:
self.paygen = paygen_payload_lib.PaygenPayload(self.payload, temp_dir,
return True
class GeneratePayloadResult(object):
"""Value object to report GeneratePayload results."""
def __init__(self, return_code):
"""Initialize a GeneratePayloadResult.
return_code (bool): The return code of the GeneratePayload operation.
self.success = return_code == 0
def _ImageTypeToStr(image_type_n):
"""The numeral image type enum in proto to lowercase string."""
return common_pb2.ImageType.Name(image_type_n).lower()
def _GenSignedGSPath(image, image_type):
"""Take a SignedImage_pb2 and return a gspaths.Image.
image (SignedImage_pb2): The build to create the gspath from.
image_type (string): The image type, either "recovery" or "base".
A gspaths.Image instance.
build = gspaths.Build(,,,
build_uri = gspaths.ChromeosReleases.ImageUri(
build, image.key, image_type)
build.uri = build_uri
return gspaths.Image(build=build,
def _GenUnsignedGSPath(image, image_type):
"""Take a UnsignedImage_pb2 and return a gspaths.UnsignedImageArchive.
image (UnsignedImage_pb2): The build to create the gspath from.
image_type (string): The image type, either "recovery" or "test".
A gspaths.UnsignedImageArchive instance.
build = gspaths.Build(,,,
build_uri = gspaths.ChromeosReleases.UnsignedImageUri(
build, image.milestone, image_type)
build.uri = build_uri
return gspaths.UnsignedImageArchive(build=build,