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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Tests the `cros buildresult` command."""
import json
from chromite.cli import command_unittest
from chromite.cli.cros import cros_buildresult
from chromite.lib import cros_test_lib
'id': 1234,
'buildbucket_id': 'buildbucket_value',
'status': 'pass',
'artifacts_url': 'fake_artifacts_url',
'toolchain_url': 'fake_toolchain_url',
'stages': [
{'name': 'stage_a', 'status': 'pass'},
{'name': 'stage_b', 'status': 'pass'},
{'name': 'stage_c', 'status': 'pass'},
class MockBuildresultCommand(command_unittest.MockCommand):
"""Mock out the `cros buildresult` command."""
TARGET = 'chromite.cli.cros.cros_buildresult.BuildResultCommand'
TARGET_CLASS = cros_buildresult.BuildResultCommand
COMMAND = 'buildresult'
class BuildresultTest(cros_test_lib.MockTestCase):
"""Base class for buildresult command tests."""
def setUp(self):
self.cmd_mock = None
def SetupCommandMock(self, cmd_args):
"""Sets up the `cros buildresult` command mock."""
self.cmd_mock = MockBuildresultCommand(cmd_args)
return self.cmd_mock.inst.options
class BuildresultReportTest(BuildresultTest):
"""Test the report generation functions."""
def testReport(self):
result = cros_buildresult.Report([FAKE_BUILD_STATUS])
expected = """buildbucket_id: buildbucket_value
status: pass
artifacts_url: fake_artifacts_url
toolchain_url: fake_toolchain_url
stage_a: pass
stage_b: pass
stage_c: pass
self.assertEqual(expected, result)
def testReportJson(self):
result = cros_buildresult.ReportJson([FAKE_BUILD_STATUS])
expected = {
'buildbucket_value': {
'buildbucket_id': 'buildbucket_value',
'status': 'pass',
'artifacts_url': 'fake_artifacts_url',
'toolchain_url': 'fake_toolchain_url',
'stages': {
'stage_a': 'pass',
'stage_b': 'pass',
'stage_c': 'pass',
self.assertEqual(expected, json.loads(result))