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  1. api/
  2. audio/
  3. common_audio/
  4. modules/
  5. rtc_base/
  6. script/
  7. system_wrappers/
  9. common_types.h
  10. libwebrtc_apm.pc.template
  11. Makefile
  14. typedefs.h
  16. webrtc_apm.h


APM is the audio processing module of WebRTC project in charge of effects like echo cancellation, noise suppression, etc. The purpose of this project is to build a standalone library for Chrome OS system side audio processing.

Files content

  • scripts to copy over folders and files from upstream WebRTC project for APM and its dependencies.
  • Copied files from upstream WebRTC project. For example: common_audio, modules, rtc_base and system_wrappers.
  • C wrappers to access APM functions.
  • common-mk based makefiles to build shared library


To update this package to latest upstream WebRC:

  • Run ./script/ path/to/webrtc-checkout/src .
  • emerge webrtc-apm to see if anything breaks.
  • If emerge success, then we're good.
  • Otherwise look into the emerge failure, and then possibly:
    • Update to copy more files if upstream directory structure changes.
    • Update makefiles if upstream build files has changed.
    • Update webrtc-apm ebuild file if dependencies changed.
  • Create a new commit