FIXUP: FROMGIT: patman: Use the Change-Id, version, and prefix in the Message-Id

This is a squash of a revert of the FROMLIST patch we landed earlier
with a pick of the FROMGIT patch.

As per the centithread on ksummit-discuss [1], there are folks who
feel that if a Change-Id is present in a developer's local commit that
said Change-Id could be interesting to include in upstream posts.
Specifically if two commits are posted with the same Change-Id there's
a reasonable chance that they are either the same commit or a newer
version of the same commit.  Specifically this is because that's how
gerrit has trained people to work.

There is much angst about Change-Id in upstream Linux, but one thing
that seems safe and non-controversial is to include the Change-Id as
part of the string of crud that makes up a Message-Id.

Let's give that a try.

In theory (if there is enough adoption) this could help a tool more
reliably find various versions of a commit.  This actually might work
pretty well for U-Boot where (I believe) quite a number of developers
use patman, so there could be critical mass (assuming that enough of
these people also use a git hook that adds Change-Id to their
commits).  I was able to find this git hook by searching for "gerrit
change id git hook" in my favorite search engine.

In theory one could imagine something like this could be integrated
into other tools, possibly even git-send-email.  Getting it into
patman seems like a sane first step, though.

NOTE: this patch is being posted using a patman containing this patch,
so you should be able to see the Message-Id of this patch and see that
it contains my local Change-Id, which ends in 2b9 if you want to


Signed-off-by: Douglas Anderson <>
(cherry picked from commit 858a7f2484992667fe9bcf959123bea201c59904 next)

TEST=Use patman to send this patch

Change-Id: I55f8465574089894a732fa2f0075984925976e83
Signed-off-by: Douglas Anderson <>
Legacy-Commit-Queue: Commit Bot <>
Reviewed-by: Simon Glass <>
2 files changed