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# Copyright 2017 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# This is a generic ChromeOS package/image test setup script. It is meant to
# be used for either the object file or package bisection tools. This script
# is intended to be used with host object bisection, to bisect the object
# files in a host package. Since it deals with a host package, there is no
# building an image or flashing a device -- just building the host package
# itself.
# This script is intended to be used by, as
# part of the binary search triage on ChromeOS objects and packages. It should
# return '0' if the setup succeeds; and '1' if the setup fails (the image
# could not build or be flashed).
source common/
if [[ "${BISECT_MODE}" == "OBJECT_MODE" ]]; then
sudo -E emerge ${BISECT_PACKAGE}
if [[ ${emerge_status} -ne 0 ]] ; then
echo "emerging ${BISECT_PACKAGE} returned a non-zero status: $emerge_status"
exit 1
exit 0
exit 0