Sysroot wrapper

This is a set of scripts to use when triaging compiler problem by using the bisecting functionality included in the sysroot_wrapper.hardened. The only script that you need to create for your triaging problem is the (The ones in this directory are here only as an example).

Before running the binary searcher tool you will need to run the setup script:

./sysroot_wrapper/ ${board} ${remote_ip} ${package}

This setup script will ensure your $BISECT_DIR is properly populated and generate a common variable script for the convenience of the scripts in ./sysroot_wrapper

To run the binary searcher tool with these scripts, execute it like this:

./ \
  --get_initial_items=./sysroot_wrapper/ \
  --switch_to_good=./sysroot_wrapper/ \
  --switch_to_bad=./sysroot_wrapper/ \
  --test_script=./sysroot_wrapper/ \
  --noincremental \
  --file_args \
  2>&1 | tee /tmp/binary_search.log

Finally once done you will want to run the cleanup script: ./sysroot_wrapper/

For more information on how to use the sysroot_wrapper to do object file triaging see: