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#!/bin/bash -u
# Copyright 2016 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# This script is intended to be used by, as
# part of the binary search triage on the Android source tree. This script
# symlinks a list of object files from the 'bad' build tree into the working
# build tree, for testing.
# It is highly recommended to not use --noincremental with these scripts. If the
# switch scripts are given non incremental sets of GOOD/BAD objects, make will
# not be able to do an incremental build and will take much longer to build.
source android/
# Symlink from BAD obj to working tree.
SWITCH_CMD="ln -sf ${BISECT_BAD_BUILD}/{} {}; touch {};"
# Check that number of arguments == 1
if [ $# -eq 1 ] ; then
# Run symlink once per input line, ignore empty lines.
# Have ${BISECT_NUM_JOBS} processes running concurrently.
# Pass to "sh" to allow multiple commands to be executed.
xargs -P ${BISECT_NUM_JOBS} -a ${OBJ_LIST_FILE} -r -l -I '{}' \
sh -c "${SWITCH_CMD}"
echo "ERROR:"
echo "Please run the binary search tool with --file_args"
echo "Android has too many files to be passed as command line arguments"
echo "The binary search tool will now exit..."
exit 1
exit ${overall_status}