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#!/bin/bash -u
# Copyright 2016 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# This script pings the android device to determine if it successfully booted.
# It then asks the user if the image is good or not, allowing the user to
# conduct whatever tests the user wishes, and waiting for a response.
# This script is intended to be used by, as
# part of the binary search triage on the Android source tree. It
# waits for the test setup script to build and install the image, then asks the
# user if the image is good or not. It should return '0' if the test succeeds
# (the image is 'good'); '1' if the test fails (the image is 'bad'); and '125'
# if it could not determine (does not apply in this case).
source android/
echo "Waiting 60 seconds for device to boot..."
timeout 60 adb wait-for-device
if [[ ${retval} -eq 0 ]]; then
echo "Android image has been built and installed."
echo "Device failed to reboot within 60 seconds."
exit 1
while true; do
read -p "Is this a good Android image?" yn
case $yn in
[Yy]* ) exit 0;;
[Nn]* ) exit 1;;
* ) echo "Please answer yes or no.";;
exit 125