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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2013 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Utilities for toolchain build."""
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
__author__ = ' (Ahmad Sharif)'
from contextlib import contextmanager
import os
import re
import shutil
import sys
import traceback
from cros_utils import command_executer
from cros_utils import logger
CHROMEOS_SCRIPTS_DIR = '/mnt/host/source/src/scripts'
TOOLCHAIN_UTILS_PATH = ('/mnt/host/source/src/third_party/toolchain-utils/'
CROS_MAIN_BRANCH = 'cros/master'
def GetChromeOSVersionFromLSBVersion(lsb_version):
"""Get Chromeos version from Lsb version."""
ce = command_executer.GetCommandExecuter()
command = ('git ls-remote '
' '
ret, out, _ = ce.RunCommandWOutput(command, print_to_console=False)
assert ret == 0, 'Command %s failed' % command
lower = []
for line in out.splitlines():
mo ='refs/heads/release-R(\d+)-(\d+)\.B', line)
if mo:
revision = int(
build = int(
lsb_build = int(lsb_version.split('.')[0])
if lsb_build > build:
lower = sorted(lower)
if lower:
return 'R%d-%s' % (lower[-1] + 1, lsb_version)
return 'Unknown'
def ApplySubs(string, *substitutions):
for pattern, replacement in substitutions:
string = re.sub(pattern, replacement, string)
return string
def UnitToNumber(unit_num, base=1000):
"""Convert a number with unit to float."""
unit_dict = {'kilo': base, 'mega': base**2, 'giga': base**3}
unit_num = unit_num.lower()
mo ='(\d*)(.+)?', unit_num)
number =
unit =
if not unit:
return float(number)
for k, v in unit_dict.items():
if k.startswith(unit):
return float(number) * v
raise RuntimeError('Unit: %s not found in byte: %s!' % (unit, unit_num))
def GetFilenameFromString(string):
return ApplySubs(
(r'/', '__'),
(r'\s', '_'),
(r'[\\$="?^]', ''),
def GetRoot(scr_name):
"""Break up pathname into (dir+name)."""
abs_path = os.path.abspath(scr_name)
return (os.path.dirname(abs_path), os.path.basename(abs_path))
def GetChromeOSKeyFile(chromeos_root):
return os.path.join(chromeos_root, 'src', 'scripts', 'mod_for_test_scripts',
'ssh_keys', 'testing_rsa')
def GetChrootPath(chromeos_root):
return os.path.join(chromeos_root, 'chroot')
def GetInsideChrootPath(chromeos_root, file_path):
if not file_path.startswith(GetChrootPath(chromeos_root)):
raise RuntimeError("File: %s doesn't seem to be in the chroot: %s" %
(file_path, chromeos_root))
return file_path[len(GetChrootPath(chromeos_root)):]
def GetOutsideChrootPath(chromeos_root, file_path):
return os.path.join(GetChrootPath(chromeos_root), file_path.lstrip('/'))
def FormatQuotedCommand(command):
return ApplySubs(command, ('"', r'\"'))
def FormatCommands(commands):
return ApplySubs(
str(commands), ('&&', '&&\n'), (';', ';\n'), (r'\n+\s*', '\n'))
def GetImageDir(chromeos_root, board):
return os.path.join(chromeos_root, 'src', 'build', 'images', board)
def LabelLatestImage(chromeos_root, board, label, vanilla_path=None):
image_dir = GetImageDir(chromeos_root, board)
latest_image_dir = os.path.join(image_dir, 'latest')
latest_image_dir = os.path.realpath(latest_image_dir)
latest_image_dir = os.path.basename(latest_image_dir)
retval = 0
with WorkingDirectory(image_dir):
command = 'ln -sf -T %s %s' % (latest_image_dir, label)
ce = command_executer.GetCommandExecuter()
retval = ce.RunCommand(command)
if retval:
return retval
if vanilla_path:
command = 'ln -sf -T %s %s' % (vanilla_path, 'vanilla')
retval2 = ce.RunCommand(command)
return retval2
return retval
def DoesLabelExist(chromeos_root, board, label):
image_label = os.path.join(GetImageDir(chromeos_root, board), label)
return os.path.exists(image_label)
def GetBuildPackagesCommand(board, usepkg=False, debug=False):
if usepkg:
usepkg_flag = '--usepkg'
usepkg_flag = '--nousepkg'
if debug:
withdebug_flag = '--withdebug'
withdebug_flag = '--nowithdebug'
return ('%s/build_packages %s --withdev --withtest --withautotest '
'--skip_toolchain_update %s --board=%s '
'--accept_licenses=@CHROMEOS' % (CHROMEOS_SCRIPTS_DIR, usepkg_flag,
withdebug_flag, board))
def GetBuildImageCommand(board, dev=False):
dev_args = ''
if dev:
dev_args = '--noenable_rootfs_verification --disk_layout=2gb-rootfs'
return ('%s/build_image --board=%s %s test' % (CHROMEOS_SCRIPTS_DIR, board,
def GetSetupBoardCommand(board, usepkg=None, force=None):
"""Get setup_board command."""
options = []
if usepkg:
if force:
return 'setup_board --board=%s %s' % (board, ' '.join(options))
def CanonicalizePath(path):
path = os.path.expanduser(path)
path = os.path.realpath(path)
return path
def GetCtargetFromBoard(board, chromeos_root):
"""Get Ctarget from board."""
base_board = board.split('_')[0]
command = ('source %s; get_ctarget_from_board %s' % (TOOLCHAIN_UTILS_PATH,
ce = command_executer.GetCommandExecuter()
ret, out, _ = ce.ChrootRunCommandWOutput(chromeos_root, command)
if ret != 0:
raise ValueError('Board %s is invalid!' % board)
# Remove ANSI escape sequences.
out = StripANSIEscapeSequences(out)
return out.strip()
def GetArchFromBoard(board, chromeos_root):
"""Get Arch from board."""
base_board = board.split('_')[0]
command = (
'source %s; get_board_arch %s' % (TOOLCHAIN_UTILS_PATH, base_board))
ce = command_executer.GetCommandExecuter()
ret, out, _ = ce.ChrootRunCommandWOutput(chromeos_root, command)
if ret != 0:
raise ValueError('Board %s is invalid!' % board)
# Remove ANSI escape sequences.
out = StripANSIEscapeSequences(out)
return out.strip()
def GetGccLibsDestForBoard(board, chromeos_root):
"""Get gcc libs destination from board."""
arch = GetArchFromBoard(board, chromeos_root)
if arch == 'x86':
return '/build/%s/usr/lib/gcc/' % board
if arch == 'amd64':
return '/build/%s/usr/lib64/gcc/' % board
if arch == 'arm':
return '/build/%s/usr/lib/gcc/' % board
if arch == 'arm64':
return '/build/%s/usr/lib/gcc/' % board
raise ValueError('Arch %s is invalid!' % arch)
def StripANSIEscapeSequences(string):
string = re.sub(r'\x1b\[[0-9]*[a-zA-Z]', '', string)
return string
def GetChromeSrcDir():
return 'var/cache/distfiles/target/chrome-src/src'
def GetEnvStringFromDict(env_dict):
return ' '.join(['%s="%s"' % var for var in env_dict.items()])
def MergeEnvStringWithDict(env_string, env_dict, prepend=True):
"""Merge env string with dict."""
if not env_string.strip():
return GetEnvStringFromDict(env_dict)
override_env_list = []
ce = command_executer.GetCommandExecuter()
for k, v in env_dict.items():
v = v.strip('"\'')
if prepend:
new_env = '%s="%s $%s"' % (k, v, k)
new_env = '%s="$%s %s"' % (k, k, v)
command = '; '.join([env_string, new_env, 'echo $%s' % k])
ret, out, _ = ce.RunCommandWOutput(command)
override_env_list.append('%s=%r' % (k, out.strip()))
ret = env_string + ' ' + ' '.join(override_env_list)
return ret.strip()
def GetAllImages(chromeos_root, board):
ce = command_executer.GetCommandExecuter()
command = ('find %s/src/build/images/%s -name chromiumos_test_image.bin' %
(chromeos_root, board))
ret, out, _ = ce.RunCommandWOutput(command)
assert ret == 0, 'Could not run command: %s' % command
return out.splitlines()
def IsFloat(text):
if text is None:
return False
return True
except ValueError:
return False
def RemoveChromeBrowserObjectFiles(chromeos_root, board):
"""Remove any object files from all the posible locations."""
out_dir = os.path.join(
'var/cache/chromeos-chrome/chrome-src/src/out_%s' % board)
if os.path.exists(out_dir):
logger.GetLogger().LogCmd('rm -rf %s' % out_dir)
out_dir = os.path.join(
'var/cache/chromeos-chrome/chrome-src-internal/src/out_%s' % board)
if os.path.exists(out_dir):
logger.GetLogger().LogCmd('rm -rf %s' % out_dir)
def WorkingDirectory(new_dir):
"""Get the working directory."""
old_dir = os.getcwd()
if old_dir != new_dir:
msg = 'cd %s' % new_dir
yield new_dir
if old_dir != new_dir:
msg = 'cd %s' % old_dir
def HasGitStagedChanges(git_dir):
"""Return True if git repository has staged changes."""
command = 'cd {0} && git diff --quiet --cached --exit-code HEAD'.format(
return command_executer.GetCommandExecuter().RunCommand(
command, print_to_console=False)
def HasGitUnstagedChanges(git_dir):
"""Return True if git repository has un-staged changes."""
command = 'cd {0} && git diff --quiet --exit-code HEAD'.format(git_dir)
return command_executer.GetCommandExecuter().RunCommand(
command, print_to_console=False)
def HasGitUntrackedChanges(git_dir):
"""Return True if git repository has un-tracked changes."""
command = ('cd {0} && test -z '
'$(git ls-files --exclude-standard --others)').format(git_dir)
return command_executer.GetCommandExecuter().RunCommand(
command, print_to_console=False)
def GitGetCommitHash(git_dir, commit_symbolic_name):
"""Return githash for the symbolic git commit.
For example, commit_symbolic_name could be
"cros/, this function returns the git
hash for this symbolic name.
git_dir: a git working tree.
commit_symbolic_name: a symbolic name for a particular git commit.
The git hash for the symbolic name or None if fails.
command = ('cd {0} && git log -n 1 --pretty="format:%H" {1}').format(
git_dir, commit_symbolic_name)
rv, out, _ = command_executer.GetCommandExecuter().RunCommandWOutput(
command, print_to_console=False)
if rv == 0:
return out.strip()
return None
def IsGitTreeClean(git_dir):
"""Test if git tree has no local changes.
git_dir: git tree directory.
True if git dir is clean.
if HasGitStagedChanges(git_dir):
logger.GetLogger().LogWarning('Git tree has staged changes.')
return False
if HasGitUnstagedChanges(git_dir):
logger.GetLogger().LogWarning('Git tree has unstaged changes.')
return False
if HasGitUntrackedChanges(git_dir):
logger.GetLogger().LogWarning('Git tree has un-tracked changes.')
return False
return True
def GetGitChangesAsList(git_dir, path=None, staged=False):
"""Get changed files as a list.
git_dir: git tree directory.
path: a relative path that is part of the tree directory, could be null.
staged: whether to include staged files as well.
A list containing all the changed files.
command = 'cd {0} && git diff --name-only'.format(git_dir)
if staged:
command += ' --cached'
if path:
command += ' -- ' + path
_, out, _ = command_executer.GetCommandExecuter().RunCommandWOutput(
command, print_to_console=False)
rv = []
for line in out.splitlines():
return rv
def IsChromeOsTree(chromeos_root):
return (os.path.isdir(
os.path.join(chromeos_root, 'src/third_party/chromiumos-overlay')) and
os.path.isdir(os.path.join(chromeos_root, 'manifest')))
def DeleteChromeOsTree(chromeos_root, dry_run=False):
"""Delete a ChromeOs tree *safely*.
chromeos_root: dir of the tree, could be a relative one (but be careful)
dry_run: only prints out the command if True
True if everything is ok.
if not IsChromeOsTree(chromeos_root):
'"{0}" does not seem to be a valid chromeos tree, do nothing.'.format(
return False
cmd0 = 'cd {0} && cros_sdk --delete'.format(chromeos_root)
if dry_run:
if command_executer.GetCommandExecuter().RunCommand(
cmd0, print_to_console=True) != 0:
return False
cmd1 = ('export CHROMEOSDIRNAME="$(dirname $(cd {0} && pwd))" && '
'export CHROMEOSBASENAME="$(basename $(cd {0} && pwd))" && '
if dry_run:
return True
return command_executer.GetCommandExecuter().RunCommand(
cmd1, print_to_console=True) == 0
def ApplyGerritPatches(chromeos_root,
"""Apply gerrit patches on a chromeos tree.
chromeos_root: chromeos tree path
gerrit_patch_string: a patch string just like the one gives to cbuildbot,
'id1 id2 *id3 ... idn'. A prefix of '* means this is an internal patch.
branch: the tree based on which to apply the patches.
True if success.
### First of all, we need chromite libs
sys.path.append(os.path.join(chromeos_root, 'chromite'))
# Imports below are ok after modifying path to add chromite.
# Pylint cannot detect that and complains.
# pylint: disable=import-error, import-outside-toplevel
from lib import git
from lib import gerrit
manifest = git.ManifestCheckout(chromeos_root)
patch_list = gerrit_patch_string.split(' ')
### This takes time, print log information.
logger.GetLogger().LogOutput('Retrieving patch information from server ...')
patch_info_list = gerrit.GetGerritPatchInfo(patch_list)
for pi in patch_info_list:
project_checkout = manifest.FindCheckout(pi.project, strict=False)
if not project_checkout:
'Failed to find patch project "{project}" in manifest.'.format(
return False
pi_str = '{project}:{ref}'.format(project=pi.project, ref=pi.ref)
project_git_path = project_checkout.GetPath(absolute=True)
logger.GetLogger().LogOutput('Applying patch "{0}" in "{1}" ...'.format(
pi_str, project_git_path))
pi.Apply(project_git_path, branch, trivial=False)
except Exception:
logger.GetLogger().LogError('Failed to apply patch "{0}"'.format(pi_str))
return False
return True
def BooleanPrompt(prompt='Do you want to continue?',
"""Helper function for processing boolean choice prompts.
prompt: The question to present to the user.
default: Boolean to return if the user just presses enter.
true_value: The text to display that represents a True returned.
false_value: The text to display that represents a False returned.
prolog: The text to display before prompt.
True or False.
true_value, false_value = true_value.lower(), false_value.lower()
true_text, false_text = true_value, false_value
if true_value == false_value:
raise ValueError(
'true_value and false_value must differ: got %r' % true_value)
if default:
true_text = true_text[0].upper() + true_text[1:]
false_text = false_text[0].upper() + false_text[1:]
prompt = ('\n%s (%s/%s)? ' % (prompt, true_text, false_text))
if prolog:
prompt = ('\n%s\n%s' % (prolog, prompt))
while True:
# pylint: disable=input-builtin, bad-builtin
response = input(prompt).lower()
except EOFError:
# If the user hits CTRL+D, or stdin is disabled, use the default.
response = None
except KeyboardInterrupt:
# If the user hits CTRL+C, just exit the process.
print('CTRL+C detected; exiting')
if not response:
return default
if true_value.startswith(response):
if not false_value.startswith(response):
return True
# common prefix between the two...
elif false_value.startswith(response):
return False
# pylint: disable=unused-argument
def rgb2short(r, g, b):
"""Converts RGB values to xterm-256 color."""
redcolor = [255, 124, 160, 196, 9]
greencolor = [255, 118, 82, 46, 10]
if g == 0:
return redcolor[r // 52]
if r == 0:
return greencolor[g // 52]
return 4