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  1. build_omnetpp
  2. conf
  3. example.json
  5. test_omnetpp


This directory contains the omnetpp example in SPEC2006 benchmark.

It also contains the json configuration file which includes the meta data information to run the experiment.

This directory contains a build file build_omnetpp which is used by the build module of the framework to compile the application. This directory contains a test file test_omnetpp which is used by the test module of the framework to benchmark the optimization compilation. This directory contains a conf file which includes the set of optimization flags the experiment will try.

To use this direction, first gives the file the executable permission.

chmod a+x build_bikjmp
chmod a+x test_bikjmp

Copy the SPEC2006 benchmark into this directory.

To run, invoke the in the parent directory.

python --file=examples/omnetpp/example.json

For help,

python --help