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  1. dex2oat_input/
  2. panorama_input/
  4. autotest.diff
  5. Binder_flags_aosp.diff
  6. Binder_flags_internal.diff
  9. Dex2oat_flags_aosp.diff
  10. Dex2oat_flags_internal.diff
  12. env_setting
  16. Hwui_flags_aosp.diff
  17. Hwui_flags_internal.diff
  18. panorama.diff
  23. skia_aosp.diff
  24. Skia_flags_aosp.diff
  25. Skia_flags_internal.diff
  26. skia_internal.diff
  27. synthmark.diff
  28. test_config


This is a Android Toolchain benchmark suite.

Where to find this suite:

This suite locates at google3, please create a google3 branch first, then run:

$ cd experimental/users/zhizhouy/benchtoolchain

Copy this directory to the place you want to put it.

To use this suite:

  1. Configure the basic envrionment in env_setting file.

  2. Run ./, which will:

    1. Patch all the android benchmarks in the android tree. Benchmark Panorama does not exist in android tree, so perftests/ gets copied into the top-level of android tree.

    2. Apply patch autotest.diff to android_root/external/autotest, which includes all the test scripts for benchmarks. Copy testcases to related autotest directory.

    If you have applied the patch partially and hope to discard the patch, just run

  3. Build and run benchmark on the device using ./ You can either use test configuration file (-t test_config), or set all the variables manually.

  4. The raw results locate at bench_result_* in bench suite home directory.

  5. The JSON format result will be generated for crosperf report.

Utility tools:

  1. Autotest is a test framework located in android exteranl/autotest Before first time running it, please run utils/ first to ensure all the environments and tools needed are installed.

  2. Crosperf is a report generating tool in ChromeOS toolchain utilities. Please look for it in chromium source: src/third_party/toolchain-utils/crosperf.