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# Copyright 2010-2011 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
__all__ = ['prepare_build_dirs']
import errno
import gzip
import shutil
import stat
import time
import portage
from portage import os, _encodings, _unicode_encode, _unicode_decode
from import portage_gid, portage_uid, secpass
from portage.exception import DirectoryNotFound, FileNotFound, \
OperationNotPermitted, PermissionDenied, PortageException
from portage.localization import _
from portage.output import colorize
from portage.util import apply_recursive_permissions, \
apply_secpass_permissions, ensure_dirs, normalize_path, writemsg
def prepare_build_dirs(myroot=None, settings=None, cleanup=False):
The myroot parameter is ignored.
myroot = None
if settings is None:
raise TypeError("settings argument is required")
mysettings = settings
clean_dirs = [mysettings["HOME"]]
# We enable cleanup when we want to make sure old cruft (such as the old
# environment) doesn't interfere with the current phase.
if cleanup and 'keeptemp' not in mysettings.features:
for clean_dir in clean_dirs:
except OSError as oe:
if errno.ENOENT == oe.errno:
elif errno.EPERM == oe.errno:
writemsg("%s\n" % oe, noiselevel=-1)
writemsg(_("Operation Not Permitted: rmtree('%s')\n") % \
clean_dir, noiselevel=-1)
return 1
def makedirs(dir_path):
except OSError as oe:
if errno.EEXIST == oe.errno:
elif errno.EPERM == oe.errno:
writemsg("%s\n" % oe, noiselevel=-1)
writemsg(_("Operation Not Permitted: makedirs('%s')\n") % \
dir_path, noiselevel=-1)
return False
return True
mysettings["PKG_LOGDIR"] = os.path.join(mysettings["T"], "logging")
mydirs = [os.path.dirname(mysettings["PORTAGE_BUILDDIR"])]
for mydir in mydirs:
gid=portage_gid, uid=portage_uid, mode=0o70, mask=0)
except PortageException:
if not os.path.isdir(mydir):
for dir_key in ("PORTAGE_BUILDDIR", "HOME", "PKG_LOGDIR", "T"):
"""These directories don't necessarily need to be group writable.
However, the setup phase is commonly run as a privileged user prior
to the other phases being run by an unprivileged user. Currently,
we use the portage group to ensure that the unprivleged user still
has write access to these directories in any case."""
ensure_dirs(mysettings[dir_key], mode=0o775)
uid=portage_uid, gid=portage_gid)
except PermissionDenied as e:
writemsg(_("Permission Denied: %s\n") % str(e), noiselevel=-1)
return 1
except OperationNotPermitted as e:
writemsg(_("Operation Not Permitted: %s\n") % str(e), noiselevel=-1)
return 1
except FileNotFound as e:
writemsg(_("File Not Found: '%s'\n") % str(e), noiselevel=-1)
return 1
# Reset state for things like noauto and keepwork in FEATURES.
for x in ('.die_hooks',):
os.unlink(os.path.join(mysettings['PORTAGE_BUILDDIR'], x))
except OSError:
if mysettings.get("EBUILD_PHASE") not in ("info", "fetch", "pretend"):
# Avoid spurious permissions adjustments when fetching with
# a temporary PORTAGE_TMPDIR setting (for fetchonly).
def _adjust_perms_msg(settings, msg):
def write(msg):
writemsg(msg, noiselevel=-1)
background = settings.get("PORTAGE_BACKGROUND") == "1"
log_path = settings.get("PORTAGE_LOG_FILE")
log_file = None
log_file_real = None
if background and log_path is not None:
log_file = open(_unicode_encode(log_path,
encoding=_encodings['fs'], errors='strict'), mode='ab')
log_file_real = log_file
except IOError:
def write(msg):
if log_path.endswith('.gz'):
log_file = gzip.GzipFile(filename='',
mode='ab', fileobj=log_file)
def write(msg):
if log_file is not None:
if log_file_real is not log_file:
def _prepare_features_dirs(mysettings):
# Use default ABI libdir in accordance with bug #355283.
libdir = None
default_abi = mysettings.get("DEFAULT_ABI")
if default_abi:
libdir = mysettings.get("LIBDIR_" + default_abi)
if not libdir:
libdir = "lib"
features_dirs = {
"path_dir": "/usr/%s/ccache/bin" % (libdir,),
"default_dir":os.path.join(mysettings["PORTAGE_TMPDIR"], "ccache"),
"path_dir": "/usr/%s/distcc/bin" % (libdir,),
"default_dir":os.path.join(mysettings["BUILD_PREFIX"], ".distcc"),
"subdirs":("lock", "state"),
dirmode = 0o2070
filemode = 0o60
modemask = 0o2
restrict = mysettings.get("PORTAGE_RESTRICT","").split()
droppriv = secpass >= 2 and \
"userpriv" in mysettings.features and \
"userpriv" not in restrict
for myfeature, kwargs in features_dirs.items():
if myfeature in mysettings.features:
failure = False
basedir = mysettings.get(kwargs["basedir_var"])
if basedir is None or not basedir.strip():
basedir = kwargs["default_dir"]
mysettings[kwargs["basedir_var"]] = basedir
path_dir = kwargs["path_dir"]
if not os.path.isdir(path_dir):
raise DirectoryNotFound(path_dir)
mydirs = [mysettings[kwargs["basedir_var"]]]
if "subdirs" in kwargs:
for subdir in kwargs["subdirs"]:
mydirs.append(os.path.join(basedir, subdir))
for mydir in mydirs:
modified = ensure_dirs(mydir)
# Generally, we only want to apply permissions for
# initial creation. Otherwise, we don't know exactly what
# permissions the user wants, so should leave them as-is.
droppriv_fix = False
if droppriv:
st = os.stat(mydir)
if st.st_gid != portage_gid or \
not dirmode == (stat.S_IMODE(st.st_mode) & dirmode):
droppriv_fix = True
if not droppriv_fix:
# Check permissions of files in the directory.
for filename in os.listdir(mydir):
subdir_st = os.lstat(
os.path.join(mydir, filename))
except OSError:
if subdir_st.st_gid != portage_gid or \
((stat.S_ISDIR(subdir_st.st_mode) and \
not dirmode == (stat.S_IMODE(subdir_st.st_mode) & dirmode))):
droppriv_fix = True
if droppriv_fix:
colorize("WARN", " * ") + \
_("Adjusting permissions "
"for FEATURES=userpriv: '%s'\n") % mydir)
elif modified:
colorize("WARN", " * ") + \
_("Adjusting permissions "
"for FEATURES=%s: '%s'\n") % (myfeature, mydir))
if modified or kwargs["always_recurse"] or droppriv_fix:
def onerror(e):
raise # The feature is disabled if a single error
# occurs during permissions adjustment.
if not apply_recursive_permissions(mydir,
gid=portage_gid, dirmode=dirmode, dirmask=modemask,
filemode=filemode, filemask=modemask, onerror=onerror):
raise OperationNotPermitted(
_("Failed to apply recursive permissions for the portage group."))
except DirectoryNotFound as e:
failure = True
writemsg(_("\n!!! Directory does not exist: '%s'\n") % \
(e,), noiselevel=-1)
writemsg(_("!!! Disabled FEATURES='%s'\n") % myfeature,
except PortageException as e:
failure = True
writemsg("\n!!! %s\n" % str(e), noiselevel=-1)
writemsg(_("!!! Failed resetting perms on %s='%s'\n") % \
(kwargs["basedir_var"], basedir), noiselevel=-1)
writemsg(_("!!! Disabled FEATURES='%s'\n") % myfeature,
if failure:
def _prepare_workdir(mysettings):
workdir_mode = 0o700
mode = mysettings["PORTAGE_WORKDIR_MODE"]
if mode.isdigit():
parsed_mode = int(mode, 8)
elif mode == "":
raise KeyError()
raise ValueError()
if parsed_mode & 0o7777 != parsed_mode:
raise ValueError("Invalid file mode: %s" % mode)
workdir_mode = parsed_mode
except KeyError as e:
writemsg(_("!!! PORTAGE_WORKDIR_MODE is unset, using %s.\n") % oct(workdir_mode))
except ValueError as e:
if len(str(e)) > 0:
writemsg("%s\n" % e)
writemsg(_("!!! Unable to parse PORTAGE_WORKDIR_MODE='%s', using %s.\n") % \
(mysettings["PORTAGE_WORKDIR_MODE"], oct(workdir_mode)))
mysettings["PORTAGE_WORKDIR_MODE"] = oct(workdir_mode).replace('o', '')
uid=portage_uid, gid=portage_gid, mode=workdir_mode)
except FileNotFound:
pass # will create it
if mysettings.get("PORT_LOGDIR", "") == "":
while "PORT_LOGDIR" in mysettings:
del mysettings["PORT_LOGDIR"]
if "PORT_LOGDIR" in mysettings:
modified = ensure_dirs(mysettings["PORT_LOGDIR"])
if modified:
# Only initialize group/mode if the directory doesn't
# exist, so that we don't override permissions if they
# were previously set by the administrator.
# NOTE: These permissions should be compatible with our
# default logrotate config as discussed in bug 374287.
uid=portage_uid, gid=portage_gid, mode=0o2770)
except PortageException as e:
writemsg("!!! %s\n" % str(e), noiselevel=-1)
writemsg(_("!!! Permission issues with PORT_LOGDIR='%s'\n") % \
mysettings["PORT_LOGDIR"], noiselevel=-1)
writemsg(_("!!! Disabling logging.\n"), noiselevel=-1)
while "PORT_LOGDIR" in mysettings:
del mysettings["PORT_LOGDIR"]
compress_log_ext = ''
if 'compress-build-logs' in mysettings.features:
compress_log_ext = '.gz'
logdir_subdir_ok = False
if "PORT_LOGDIR" in mysettings and \
os.access(mysettings["PORT_LOGDIR"], os.W_OK):
logdir = normalize_path(mysettings["PORT_LOGDIR"])
logid_path = os.path.join(mysettings["PORTAGE_BUILDDIR"], ".logid")
if not os.path.exists(logid_path):
open(_unicode_encode(logid_path), 'w').close()
logid_time = _unicode_decode(time.strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M%S",
encoding=_encodings['content'], errors='replace')
if "split-log" in mysettings.features:
log_subdir = os.path.join(logdir, "build", mysettings["CATEGORY"])
mysettings["PORTAGE_LOG_FILE"] = os.path.join(
log_subdir, "%s:%s.log%s" %
(mysettings["PF"], logid_time, compress_log_ext))
log_subdir = logdir
mysettings["PORTAGE_LOG_FILE"] = os.path.join(
logdir, "%s:%s:%s.log%s" % \
(mysettings["CATEGORY"], mysettings["PF"], logid_time,
if log_subdir is logdir:
logdir_subdir_ok = True
_ensure_log_subdirs(logdir, log_subdir)
except PortageException as e:
writemsg(_unicode_decode("!!! %s\n") % (e,), noiselevel=-1)
if os.access(log_subdir, os.W_OK):
logdir_subdir_ok = True
writemsg(_unicode_decode("!!! %s: %s\n") %
(_("Permission Denied"), log_subdir), noiselevel=-1)
if not logdir_subdir_ok:
# NOTE: When sesandbox is enabled, the local SELinux security policies
# may not allow output to be piped out of the sesandbox domain. The
# current policy will allow it to work when a pty is available, but
# not through a normal pipe. See bug #162404.
mysettings["PORTAGE_LOG_FILE"] = os.path.join(
mysettings["T"], "build.log%s" % compress_log_ext)
def _ensure_log_subdirs(logdir, subdir):
This assumes that logdir exists, and creates subdirectories down
to subdir as necessary. The gid of logdir is copied to all
subdirectories, along with 0x2070 mode bits if present. Both logdir
and subdir are assumed to be normalized absolute paths.
st = os.stat(logdir)
uid = -1
gid = st.st_gid
grp_mode = 0o2070 & st.st_mode
# If logdir is writable by the portage group but its uid
# is not portage_uid, then set the uid to portage_uid if
# we have privileges to do so, for compatibility with our
# default logrotate config (see bug 378451). With the
# "su portage portage" directive and logrotate-3.8.0,
# logrotate's chown call during the compression phase will
# only succeed if the log file's uid is portage_uid.
if grp_mode and gid == portage_gid and \ >= 2:
uid = portage_uid
if st.st_uid != portage_uid:
ensure_dirs(logdir, uid=uid)
logdir_split_len = len(logdir.split(os.sep))
subdir_split = subdir.split(os.sep)[logdir_split_len:]
current = logdir
while subdir_split:
current = os.path.join(current, subdir_split.pop())
ensure_dirs(current, uid=uid, gid=gid, mode=grp_mode, mask=0)