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# Copyright 2012-2013 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import gzip
import errno
from portage import _encodings
from portage import _unicode_encode
from portage.util import writemsg_level
from ..SlotObject import SlotObject
class SchedulerInterface(SlotObject):
_event_loop_attrs = ("IO_ERR", "IO_HUP", "IO_IN",
"child_watch_add", "idle_add", "io_add_watch",
"iteration", "source_remove", "timeout_add")
__slots__ = _event_loop_attrs + ("_event_loop", "_is_background")
def __init__(self, event_loop, is_background=None, **kwargs):
SlotObject.__init__(self, **kwargs)
self._event_loop = event_loop
if is_background is None:
is_background = self._return_false
self._is_background = is_background
for k in self._event_loop_attrs:
setattr(self, k, getattr(event_loop, k))
def _return_false():
return False
def output(self, msg, log_path=None, background=None,
level=0, noiselevel=-1):
Output msg to stdout if not self._is_background(). If log_path
is not None then append msg to the log (appends with
compression if the filename extension of log_path corresponds
to a supported compression type).
global_background = self._is_background()
if background is None or global_background:
# Use the global value if the task does not have a local
# background value. For example, parallel-fetch tasks run
# in the background while other tasks concurrently run in
# the foreground.
background = global_background
msg_shown = False
if not background:
writemsg_level(msg, level=level, noiselevel=noiselevel)
msg_shown = True
if log_path is not None:
f = open(_unicode_encode(log_path,
encoding=_encodings['fs'], errors='strict'),
f_real = f
except IOError as e:
if e.errno not in (errno.ENOENT, errno.ESTALE):
if not msg_shown:
writemsg_level(msg, level=level, noiselevel=noiselevel)
if log_path.endswith('.gz'):
# NOTE: The empty filename argument prevents us from
# triggering a bug in python3 which causes GzipFile
# to raise AttributeError if is bytes
# instead of unicode.
f = gzip.GzipFile(filename='', mode='ab', fileobj=f)
if f_real is not f: