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# Copyright 2012-2013 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
from __future__ import unicode_literals
from portage.dep import Atom, paren_enclose, use_reduce
from portage.eapi import _get_eapi_attrs
from portage.exception import InvalidData
from _emerge.Package import Package
def find_built_slot_operator_atoms(pkg):
atoms = {}
for k in Package._dep_keys:
atom_list = list(_find_built_slot_operator(use_reduce(pkg._metadata[k],
uselist=pkg.use.enabled, eapi=pkg.eapi,
if atom_list:
atoms[k] = atom_list
return atoms
def _find_built_slot_operator(dep_struct):
for x in dep_struct:
if isinstance(x, list):
for atom in _find_built_slot_operator(x):
yield atom
elif isinstance(x, Atom) and x.slot_operator_built:
yield x
def ignore_built_slot_operator_deps(dep_struct):
for i, x in enumerate(dep_struct):
if isinstance(x, list):
elif isinstance(x, Atom) and x.slot_operator_built:
# There's no way of knowing here whether the SLOT
# part of the slot/sub-slot pair should be kept, so we
# ignore both parts.
dep_struct[i] = x.without_slot
def evaluate_slot_operator_equal_deps(settings, use, trees):
metadata = settings.configdict['pkg']
eapi = metadata['EAPI']
eapi_attrs = _get_eapi_attrs(eapi)
running_vardb = trees[trees._running_eroot]["vartree"].dbapi
target_vardb = trees[trees._target_eroot]["vartree"].dbapi
vardbs = [target_vardb]
deps = {}
for k in Package._dep_keys:
deps[k] = use_reduce(metadata[k],
uselist=use, eapi=eapi, token_class=Atom)
for k in Package._runtime_keys:
_eval_deps(deps[k], vardbs)
if eapi_attrs.hdepend:
_eval_deps(deps["HDEPEND"], [running_vardb])
_eval_deps(deps["DEPEND"], [target_vardb])
if running_vardb is not target_vardb:
_eval_deps(deps["DEPEND"], vardbs)
result = {}
for k, v in deps.items():
result[k] = paren_enclose(v)
return result
def _eval_deps(dep_struct, vardbs):
for i, x in enumerate(dep_struct):
if isinstance(x, list):
_eval_deps(x, vardbs)
elif isinstance(x, Atom) and x.slot_operator == "=":
for vardb in vardbs:
best_version = vardb.match(x)
if best_version:
best_version = best_version[-1]
best_version = \
vardb._pkg_str(best_version, None)
except (KeyError, InvalidData):
slot_part = "%s/%s=" % \
(best_version.slot, best_version.sub_slot)
x = x.with_slot(slot_part)
dep_struct[i] = x
# this dep could not be resolved, so remove the operator
# (user may be using package.provided and managing rebuilds
# manually)
if x.slot:
x = x.with_slot(x.slot)
x = x.without_slot
dep_struct[i] = x