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# Copyright 2010-2013 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
from __future__ import unicode_literals
__all__ = ["dep_expand"]
import re
from portage.dbapi.cpv_expand import cpv_expand
from portage.dep import Atom, isvalidatom
from portage.exception import InvalidAtom
from portage.versions import catsplit
def dep_expand(mydep, mydb=None, use_cache=1, settings=None):
@rtype: Atom
orig_dep = mydep
if isinstance(orig_dep, Atom):
has_cat = True
if not mydep:
return mydep
if mydep[0] == "*":
mydep = mydep[1:]
orig_dep = mydep
has_cat = '/' in orig_dep.split(':')[0]
if not has_cat:
alphanum ='\w', orig_dep)
if alphanum:
mydep = orig_dep[:alphanum.start()] + "null/" + \
mydep = Atom(mydep, allow_repo=True)
except InvalidAtom:
# Missing '=' prefix is allowed for backward compatibility.
if not isvalidatom("=" + mydep, allow_repo=True):
mydep = Atom('=' + mydep, allow_repo=True)
orig_dep = '=' + orig_dep
if not has_cat:
null_cat, pn = catsplit(mydep.cp)
mydep = pn
if has_cat:
# Optimize most common cases to avoid calling cpv_expand.
if not mydep.cp.startswith("virtual/"):
return mydep
if not hasattr(mydb, "cp_list") or \
return mydep
# Fallback to legacy cpv_expand for old-style PROVIDE virtuals.
mydep = mydep.cp
expanded = cpv_expand(mydep, mydb=mydb,
use_cache=use_cache, settings=settings)
return Atom(orig_dep.replace(mydep, expanded, 1), allow_repo=True)