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#!/usr/bin/python -O
import sys
from copy import copy
from optparse import OptionParser, OptionValueError
import os, portage, portage_const
class WorldHandler(object):
def name():
return "world"
name = staticmethod(name)
def __init__(self):
self.invalid = []
self.not_installed = []
self.unavailable = []
self.okay = []
self.found = os.access(portage_const.WORLD_FILE, os.R_OK)
for atom in open(portage_const.WORLD_FILE).read().split():
if not portage.isvalidatom(atom):
elif not portage.db["/"]["vartree"].dbapi.match(atom):
elif not portage.db["/"]["porttree"].dbapi.match(atom):
def check(self):
errors = []
if self.found:
errors += map(lambda x: "'%s' is not a valid atom" % x, self.invalid)
errors += map(lambda x: "'%s' is not installed" % x, self.not_installed)
errors += map(lambda x: "'%s' has no ebuilds available" % x, self.unavailable)
errors.append(portage_const.WORLD_FILE + " could not be opened for reading")
return errors
def fix(self):
errors = []
open(portage_const.WORLD_FILE, "w").write("\n".join(self.okay))
except OSError:
errors.append(portage_const.WORLD_FILE + " could not be opened for writing")
return errors
modules = {"world" : WorldHandler}
module_names = modules.keys()
module_names.insert(0, "all")
def exclusive(option, unused1, unused2, unused3, var=None):
if not var:
raise ValueError("var not specified to exclusive()")
if getattr(parser, var, ""):
raise OptionValueError("%s and %s are exclusive options" % (getattr(parser, var), value))
setattr(parser, var, str(option))
usage = "usage: emaint [options] " + " | ".join(module_names)
usage+= "\n\nCurrently emaint can only check and fix problems with one's world\n"
usage+= "file. Future versions will integrate other portage check-and-fix\n"
usage+= "tools and provide a single interface to system health checks."
parser = OptionParser(usage=usage)
parser.add_option("-c", "--check", help="check for problems",
action="callback", callback=exclusive, callback_kwargs={"var":"action"})
parser.add_option("-f", "--fix", help="attempt to fix problems",
action="callback", callback=exclusive, callback_kwargs={"var":"action"})
parser.action = None
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
if len(args) != 1:
parser.error("Incorrect number of arguments")
if args[0] not in module_names:
parser.error("%s target is not a known target" % args[0])
if parser.action:
action = parser.action
print "Defaulting to --check"
action = "-c/--check"
if args[0] == "all":
tasks = modules.values()
tasks = [modules[args[0]]]
if action == "-c/--check":
status = "Checking %s for problems"
func = "check"
status = "Attempting to fix %s"
func = "fix"
for task in tasks:
print status %
inst = task()
result = getattr(inst, func)()
if result:
print "\n".join(result)
print "\n"
print "Finished"