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Release Notes; upgrade information mainly.
Features/major bugfixes are listed in NEWS
* Bug Fixes:
- Bug 584786 Add support for .git as a file when --separate-git-dir is used
- Bug 585864 fix missing vcs_files_to_cps repodir argument
- Bug 585388 fix KeyError during manifest generation
* New QA error: slot operator under '||' alternative
* Initial test release
* Bug Fixes:
- Bug 579460 Disable the $ID header check
- Bug 546010 Handle removed packages in vcs_files_to_cps
- Bug 581594 Fix commit 8e7971169c2 missing self in func() parameters
- Bug 581598 Add InvalidPackageName exception trap
- Bug 405017 Fix copyright update
* Includes the stage2 re-writes, the checks are now in a modular system
which is not yet fully plug-in capable. Becoming fully plug-in capable and
configurable is to be done in the stage3 rewites.