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# SOCKSv5 proxy manager for network-sandbox
# Copyright 2015 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import os
import signal
from portage import _python_interpreter
from import portage_gid, portage_uid, userpriv_groups
from portage.process import atexit_register, spawn
class ProxyManager(object):
A class to start and control a single running SOCKSv5 server process
for Portage.
def __init__(self):
self.socket_path = None
self._pids = []
def start(self, settings):
Start the SOCKSv5 server.
@param settings: Portage settings instance (used to determine
@type settings: portage.config
import asyncio # NOQA
except ImportError:
raise NotImplementedError('SOCKSv5 proxy requires asyncio module')
self.socket_path = os.path.join(settings['PORTAGE_TMPDIR'],
'' % os.getpid())
server_bin = os.path.join(settings['PORTAGE_BIN_PATH'], '')
self._pids = spawn([_python_interpreter, server_bin, self.socket_path],
returnpid=True, uid=portage_uid, gid=portage_gid,
groups=userpriv_groups, umask=0o077)
def stop(self):
Stop the SOCKSv5 server.
for p in self._pids:
os.kill(p, signal.SIGINT)
os.waitpid(p, 0)
self.socket_path = None
self._pids = []
def is_running(self):
Check whether the SOCKSv5 server is running.
@return: True if the server is running, False otherwise
return self.socket_path is not None
proxy = ProxyManager()
def get_socks5_proxy(settings):
Get UNIX socket path for a SOCKSv5 proxy. A new proxy is started if
one isn't running yet, and an atexit event is added to stop the proxy
on exit.
@param settings: Portage settings instance (used to determine paths)
@type settings: portage.config
@return: (string) UNIX socket path
if not proxy.is_running():
return proxy.socket_path