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# Copyright 2015 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# This is a minimalistic derivation of Python's deprecated formatter module,
# supporting only the methods related to style, literal data, and line breaks.
import sys
class AbstractFormatter(object):
"""The standard formatter."""
def __init__(self, writer):
self.writer = writer # Output device
self.style_stack = [] # Other state, e.g. color
self.hard_break = True # Have a hard break
def add_line_break(self):
if not self.hard_break:
self.hard_break = True
def add_literal_data(self, data):
if not data: return
self.hard_break = data[-1:] == '\n'
def push_style(self, *styles):
for style in styles:
def pop_style(self, n=1):
del self.style_stack[-n:]
class NullWriter(object):
"""Minimal writer interface to use in testing & inheritance.
A writer which only provides the interface definition; no actions are
taken on any methods. This should be the base class for all writers
which do not need to inherit any implementation methods.
def __init__(self): pass
def flush(self): pass
def new_styles(self, styles): pass
def send_line_break(self): pass
def send_literal_data(self, data): pass
class DumbWriter(NullWriter):
"""Simple writer class which writes output on the file object passed in
as the file parameter or, if file is omitted, on standard output.
def __init__(self, file=None, maxcol=None):
self.file = file or sys.stdout
def flush(self):
def send_line_break(self):
def send_literal_data(self, data):