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# Copyright 2014 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import portage
from portage.dep import Atom
from portage.exception import InvalidData
from portage.versions import _pkg_str
class IndexedVardb(object):
A vardbapi interface that sacrifices validation in order to
improve performance. It takes advantage of vardbdbapi._aux_cache,
which is backed by vdb_metadata.pickle. Since _aux_cache is
not updated for every single merge/unmerge (see
_aux_cache_threshold), the list of packages is obtained directly
from the real vardbapi instance. If a package is missing from
_aux_cache, then its metadata is obtained using the normal
(validated) vardbapi.aux_get method.
For performance reasons, the match method only supports package
name and version constraints.
# Match returns unordered results.
match_unordered = True
_copy_attrs = ('cpv_exists',
'_aux_cache_keys', '_cpv_sort_ascending')
def __init__(self, vardb):
self._vardb = vardb
for k in self._copy_attrs:
setattr(self, k, getattr(vardb, k))
self._cp_map = None
def cp_all(self, sort=True):
Returns an ordered iterator instead of a list, so that search
results can be displayed incrementally.
if self._cp_map is not None:
return iter(sorted(self._cp_map)) if sort else iter(self._cp_map)
delta_data = self._vardb._cache_delta.loadRace()
if delta_data is None:
return self._iter_cp_all()
self._cp_map = cp_map = {}
for cpv in self._vardb._aux_cache["packages"]:
cpv = _pkg_str(cpv, db=self._vardb)
except InvalidData:
cp_list = cp_map.get(cpv.cp)
if cp_list is None:
cp_list = []
cp_map[cpv.cp] = cp_list
return iter(sorted(self._cp_map)) if sort else iter(self._cp_map)
def _iter_cp_all(self):
self._cp_map = cp_map = {}
previous_cp = None
for cpv in self._vardb._iter_cpv_all(sort = True):
cp = portage.cpv_getkey(cpv)
if cp is not None:
cp_list = cp_map.get(cp)
if cp_list is None:
cp_list = []
cp_map[cp] = cp_list
if previous_cp is not None and \
previous_cp != cp:
yield previous_cp
previous_cp = cp
if previous_cp is not None:
yield previous_cp
def match(self, atom):
For performance reasons, only package name and version
constraints are supported, and the returned list is
if not isinstance(atom, Atom):
atom = Atom(atom)
cp_list = self._cp_map.get(atom.cp)
if cp_list is None:
return []
if atom == atom.cp:
return cp_list[:]
return portage.match_from_list(atom, cp_list)
def aux_get(self, cpv, attrs, myrepo=None):
pkg_data = self._vardb._aux_cache["packages"].get(cpv)
if not isinstance(pkg_data, tuple) or \
len(pkg_data) != 2 or \
not isinstance(pkg_data[1], dict):
pkg_data = None
if pkg_data is None:
# It may be missing from _aux_cache due to
# _aux_cache_threshold.
return self._vardb.aux_get(cpv, attrs)
metadata = pkg_data[1]
return [metadata.get(k, "") for k in attrs]