CHROMIUM: Revert "depgraph: respect <foo-version:= for slot operator rebuild (bug 717140)"

This reverts commit 9b755b46f9e88f25fecada0a32095ea614a73b57.

Reverting to resolve regression in time spent "calculating

This commit fixes an issue where <foo-version:= dependencies triggered
upgrade/downgrade loops during slot operator rebuilds. In our tree
(mostly due to rust packages using this syntax), this commit leads to
a larger number of dependencies to be considered for rebuilds,
resulting in an increase in the amount of time spent determining these
additional dependencies.

We don't seem to be encountering the originally reported bug in our
current version of portage (2.3.75), and rust packages dependencies
are in the process of being rewritten, so revert this commit in newer
versions of portage.

TEST=portage perf testing (see go/cros-portage-bisection-findings)

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