Enable consistent __future__ behavior for division

In Python 2, the division ('/') operator defaults to integer
(truncating) division when given integer argument. In Python 3, it
performs floating-point division unconditionally instead. To overcome
this difference and get a consistent behavior, integers were converted
to floats explicitly in a few places.

Instead, use a simpler 'from __future__ import division' statement that
enables floating-point division globally in Python 2. Use it in all
relevant files to get a consistent behavior, and use '//' appropriately
whenever integer division is desired.

Reviewed-by: Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis <Arfrever@Apache.Org>
Acked-by: Alexander Berntsen <bernalex@gentoo.org>
Acked-by: Brian Dolbec <dolsen@gentoo.org>
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