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# WARNING: default set configuration, DO NOT CHANGE.
# If you want to change anything redefine the relevant section in
# /etc/portage/sets.conf. Any changes to this file will be lost on the next
# portage update, and configuration errors here might upset portage in
# unexpected ways.
# Not much that could be changed for world, so better leave it alone
class = portage.sets.base.DummyPackageSet
packages = @selected @system
# Not much that could be changed for world, so better leave it alone
class = portage.sets.files.WorldSelectedSet
# Same as for world, though later portage versions might use a different class
class = portage.sets.profiles.PackagesSystemSet
# For security there are multiple classes available, but differences are
# rather small (normally there should be no visible difference):
# - AffectedSet: include all GLSAs that cover a vulnerable package
# - NewAffectedSet: include all GLSAs that cover a vulnerable package and
# haven't been applied previously
# - NewGlsaSet: include all GLSAs that haven't been applied
# - SecuritySet: include all GLSAs
class =
# A superset of the classic <parameter>world</parameter> target, a set created
# by this class contains SLOT atoms to match all installed packages. Note that
# use of this set makes it impossible for emerge to solve blockers by automatic
# uninstallation of blocked packages.
class = portage.sets.dbapi.EverythingSet
# The following treats all files in /etc/portage/sets as a package set called
# '$filename'.
class = portage.sets.files.StaticFileSet
multiset = true
directory = %(PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT)setc/portage/sets
world-candidate = True
# Set to rebuild all packages that need a preserved lib that only remains due
# to FEATURES=preserve-libs
class = portage.sets.libs.PreservedLibraryConsumerSet
# Installed ebuilds that inherit from known live eclasses.
class = portage.sets.dbapi.VariableSet
variable = INHERITED
includes = bzr cvs darcs git git-2 mercurial subversion tla
# Installed packages that own files inside /lib/modules.
class = portage.sets.dbapi.OwnerSet
files = /lib/modules
# Installed packages that own files inside /usr/lib/xorg/modules,
# excluding the package that owns /usr/bin/Xorg.
class = portage.sets.dbapi.OwnerSet
files = /usr/lib/xorg/modules
exclude-files = /usr/bin/Xorg
# Binary packages that have a different build time from a currently
# installed package of the exact same version.
class = portage.sets.dbapi.RebuiltBinaries
# Installed packages for which the highest visible ebuild
# version is lower than the currently installed version.
class = portage.sets.dbapi.DowngradeSet
# Installed packages for which there are no visible ebuilds
# corresponding to the same $CATEGORY/$PN:$SLOT.
class = portage.sets.dbapi.UnavailableSet
# Installed packages for which corresponding binary packages
# are not available.
class = portage.sets.dbapi.UnavailableBinaries