CHROMIUM: scheduler: log packages that take a long time to build

If a package gets stuck or takes a long time, it can be hard to see
or notice as the output from portage just stops as it waits.  Lets
add a periodic check that logs a "Still building" message for every
package that takes more than 30min to complete, and log it every
30min after that.

So if a package takes less than 30min, there is no difference with
today's output.  But if it takes longer, we'll get one message at
every 30min interval.

Even further, if a package takes more than 2hr to build, we'll
start dumping the current pstree listing for that package.  Since
this can be a bit verbose, we hold it only for slow packages.
The slowest we have is Chrome and that should normally finish in
under 2hrs with Goma enabled on bots.

TEST=CQ passes
TEST=looked at output behavior with manual lower timeouts

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